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Ten (10) Common Terminologies Used in Organsations

Ten Major Terminologies Used In Work Organisation

There are various sectors in Nigeria. They include health, economy, religious, political, industrial among others. All these various components have concepts or terminologies specific to them. There is a need to have a full understanding of these concepts so as to avoid misinterpretation and misuse. Work organization is an interesting one in that those outside the organization may not know the words or concepts used by the in-group members.

How To Be Free From Depression

How To Be Free From Depression

Stress is a problem encountered by people on a daily basis. Its accumulation sometimes leads to depression. Only few people are happy and contented with their lifestyles while the majority are not happy and always want to improve their lifestyle. Many things, both the pleasant and unpleasant happenings arise at work places. Traffics on the way back home also adds to the frustration leading to the accumulation of stress.

The Meaning of Depression

How to Know if He is the One

How to Know He is the One

Many women  are in relationships and they really wish that the person they are dating is the one they will get married to. There is no girl that loves jumping from relationship to relationship. But the sad truth is not all men are husband materials. Some guys do not even feel the idea of marriage, but you are there busy hoping that one day you will get married to him and even though you see the signs, you will turn a blind eye to it and keep thinking that he will get better later. Many men, because of their nature are not always on the same page with their

Types of Kinship and Descent Systems; Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Importance of Kinship system

Kinship System is the biological relationship that determines who one's relatives are and one's relationship with them.  This system is an important part of man's life. Kinship system include people one is related with through descent or marriage. Descent system is one of the terms related to kinship system. Descent bind people of the same lineage together. There are many categories of descent system. They are the Unilineal, Bilateral, Ambilineal, Bilateral or double descent systems. The Unilineal descent system could either be Patrilineal or Matrilineal decent system.

A Typical Lagos lifestyle

The Pursuit of Money in Lagos

Lagos Life /Lagos Life Style . 
It is a norm, a standard of life, anytime, any day in our noble industrious town Lagos, to be stressful. It is the food and the water we drink, it is normal to us. Leaving home very early in the morning all in pursuit of daily bread but to reach home late in the night very tired. Sleeping in the vehicle a usual act for the people of Lagos.

6 Ways To Handle Crisis In Your Relationship

6 Ways To Handle Crisis In Your Relationship

When you get into a relationship, you should have it at the back of your mind that there will always be ups and downs from time to time especially after the ‘honeymoon’ phase is over, that is when you will begin to see things clearly and you will be more realistic about the relationship. A relationship is not always going to be rosy. No matter how sweet or smooth your relationship is, there will be times when things may not be so smooth.  Most relationships go through rough phases especially long relationships, because you have been with this person for a long time and the sparks in the relationship will no longer be there. This does not mean that the relationship has to end or that your partner does not love you


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