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The Health Benefits of Fish Consumption

The Health Benefits of Fish Consumption

Fishes are widely known to be rich in protein. They are known to be richer in protein and low in fat content than meat, especially the species that are white-fleshed. They are also highly reputable for their low calories level and are characterised by the polyunsaturated omega -3 fatty acids which is also known as omega-3s, commonly found in fish oil. Omega-3s is needed for both the internal and external development of the body, useful for body growth and development but cannot be produced naturally by the body; thus, the need for high consumption of fishes that are rich in fatty acids. Apart from protein, fish is also rich in other nutrients such as iodine, vitamins and minerals.

The Importance Of Parental Support On Education

Parental Support and Child's Education

Parental involvements in school activities have a positive impact on academic performance. It is very important for parents to be involved in the education of their children from the start. Parents are primary educators of children as they have the greatest influence on them right from childhood to adulthood. Teachers’ roles come in to play when the children start schooling. In this sense, both the parents and teachers are the important educators in a child's life. They help to develop the child's intellect and social life.

Mental Illness; Causes, Effect And Solution

Effects and Solution of Madness

There is a difference between Mental ill-health and Mental illness. Mental ill-health is the general condition experienced by everyone in stressful situations or when faced with awful experience(s) like the death of loved ones. Examples of behaviours exhibited include sleeplessness, mood swings and lack of concentration. These behaviours are natural and fade away with time. Mental illness on the other hand is the condition that affects a person's cognitive, reasoning, thinking, mood and relationship with others and with their daily activities. Mental health is the psychological and emotional well-being.

The Influence of Colonial Rule on Nigeria’s Culture and Tradition

The colonial masters, majorly the Europeans invaded Nigeria in the 19th century. They introduced many things and displaced the culture and traditions of Nigeria. There was influx of culture and they dominated almost all areas of Nigerian’s lifestyle. There was change, development, modernization and all sorts of positive changes. Some barbaric traditions were thrown into pits, some were reviewed while some were replaced with new ones. Also, the coming of the Europeans also brought negative changes to the heritage of the country. Although some parts of the country were rigid and firm about their culture as they stood vehemently against change while some culture allowed total influence of the colonial masters.

Bureaucracy In Formal Oganisations

Main Features of Bureaucracy

Most of our work places are formal organizations, which are guided by bureaucracy. A formal organisation is the one that is formally established for the purpose of achieving set goals through collective efforts. A formal organisation is created for the purpose of making profits; that is, it is business oriented. All formal organisations are run by bureaucracy. Bureaucracy means rule of office from the words “rule” and“cracy”. We are dominated by bureaucracy right from the birth (health institution), to the family upbringing (social welfare), to school (education), to work (civil) , to worship and then to death (religion institution)

Disadvantages of Using Machineries

Disadvantages of Using Machineries

There is virtually nothing with advantages that doesn’t have its disadvantages. As good as the uses of machines are, they also have their shortcomings. Machines are first created with no harm and are made to make life easy, increase production and also for accuracy but humans now use machineries in a void a manner causing laziness and harm to them and people around them. Machines on its own also affect the economy state through high rate of unemployment. The major disadvantages of machineries are discussed further.


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