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How and Ways to Keep Your Man

How and Ways to Keep Your Man

The issue with most girls and women out there is that they do not know how to keep their men. Women have the key to the doors in a relationship, they are the drivers of the car but it is sad that they do not know this. What a man or a guy does is to give directions but the lady holds the gear. In a woman's hand lies the ability to make or mar the relationship. Although women are seen as weaker vessels but under those vessels are the power people referred to as "a woman's power". Every man is directly, indirectly, knowingly or

Studying Abroad: Advantages and Disadvantages

Studying Abroad

Is the level of education in Nigeria motivating students to study here? Should students travel out of the country for better education? Will they still uphold their morals and values if they study abroad? Will the aim of sending them overseas be achieved? Parents and guardians are usually faced with these questions anytime they consider sending their wards out of the country for studies.

How To Relate With People In Different Social Gatherings

How To Relate With People In Different Social Gatherings

There are different types of social occasions and it ranges from small, comfortable gatherings, like a dinner party among friends, to big, intimidating crowd scenes like a cocktail party. Other events include the naming, weddings and burial ceremonies. These ceremonies have their peculiarities but the principles of conversation are the same. One thing to do is to be opened, and if you are with a partner, find a common ground with him/her and always listen.

Conversations In Small Dinners

The Health Benefits of Fish Consumption

The Health Benefits of Fish Consumption

Fishes are widely known to be rich in protein. They are known to be richer in protein and low in fat content than meat, especially the species that are white-fleshed. They are also highly reputable for their low calories level and are characterised by the polyunsaturated omega -3 fatty acids which is also known as omega-3s, commonly found in fish oil. Omega-3s is needed for both the internal and external development of the body, useful for body growth and development but cannot be produced naturally by the body; thus, the need for high consumption of fishes that are rich in fatty acids. Apart from protein, fish is also rich in other nutrients such as iodine, vitamins and minerals.

Self Confidence Based On Appearance

self confidence due to apperance

I remember  a job interview I attended with a hairstyle that didn't look official, although it was presentable.  One of the interviewer on the panel  got interested about the hairstyle, and I had to explain to her that the hairstyle does not require combing and some other stuffs and she was like WOW, REALLY??????!!!!!!!!

It was later when I got home that I realised that she was actually checking my confidence level with the questions she was asking, and shortly after we had been shortlisted,  myself and the  co_interviewee's were discussing and they all passed the comment that " this babe, you really get mind for you to have come to an interview with that hairstyle".


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