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The Tradition "Virginity" In Yoruba Kingdom

The Tradition "Virginity" In Yoruba Kingdom

Nigeria is a country in West Africa with three distinct tribes- Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa. The Yoruba people occupy majorly the South Western parts of the country but can also be found, although in small population in other parts of the country. These three tribes have different views on sexuality and virginity, although there is a possibility of two cultures with similar views. The tradition of Virginity among young Yoruba women before marriage is known as “Asa Ibale” in the Yoruba Kingdom. This tradition is no longer practiced today because it has been eroded by colonialisation. A virgin is someone who has never had sexual intercourse or sexual activity.

Tips On How To Get A Guy You Like And Admire

How To Get The Guy You Want

You do not have to dress tight, expose your body parts, have fat pockets, have a "wow" look, or express your feelings verbally before you win a guy's heart. You might have a prince charming in your school, class, work place, as a friend or family friend that you always dream to be with or fantasize about. He might know of your feelings and pretend not to, he might be totally unaware that a lady is into him or might just be an "asshole" by forming big boy or hard to get. Do not worry ladies because here are some tips or steps to win his heart, turn him over to you and make him fall in love with you.

How Modern Medicine Came Into Nigeria

How Modern Medicine Came into Nigeria

Before the advent of the European rule, Nigerians relied solely on indigenous medicine (read more about traditional Medicine here), which is peculiar to each culture, based on the illness or disease paramount to the culture. This is why traditional medicine in Nigeria is not uniform. Then, we had a well established medical system that uses the "Ifa" system to investigate the causes of illness and their

7 Tips to Pass an Examination Without Hurdles

7 Ways Of Passing Examination Without Hurdles

We have to understand that we have the whole of our life to study, but sometimes have few months to prepare for examinations. This solely calls our attention to the fact that we must concentrate on what our examiners want and give them what they want back the exact things we were being  taught in class  during examinations. Although it is good to widen our horizon by making different kinds of researches so as to get good grades but despite this we must still be in line with what we are being taught

Various Forms and Examples Of Domestic Violence in a Relationships

Various Forms Of Domestic Violence In Relationships

So many people do not even realize that they are in abusive relationships. There are not aware that those very little and subtle actions of their partner are forms of violence and can escalate as time goes on. Some people also decide to turn a blind eye to the signs that they are in abusive relationships while some other people are actually conscious of the fact that they are in abusive relationships but they have the mindset that if they leave their partner because of a little act of violence every now and  then, they do not know how badly or worse their next partner maybe. Some people believe that they deserve to be treated that way, they think that if they did not do things to annoy their partner, their spouse will not have  reacted in a violent way.

SERENA WILLIAMS: The Undisputed Queen Of The Court

Serena Williams Wins 2015 Grand Slam

It has become an all too familiar sight for tennis fans in recent years: Serena Williams braving unfortunate setbacks to incredibly emerge victorious in the end. It is a narrative that fans have seen play out in the 33-year-old American’s illustrious professional career and one that came into play again as she won her 20th grand slam title in Paris, France on Saturday, defeating world number 13 Lucie Safarova6-3,6-7(2-7),6-2 in the French Open.


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