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How To Know You Are In The Friendzone

How To Know If You Are Just Friends with Someone You Love

Most of the time, we do not even know how we get into the friend zone because even though we are doing things to prevent us from being zoned, we still end up being zoned some of the time. People  try as much as possible not to be friend zoned by the person  they like and want to start a relationship with and sometimes people get mixed signals so they actually cannot even figure out if they have been friend zoned or not.  It is not only guys that get friend zoned, even ladies get zoned by the man that they like but it is the males who get zoned most of the time and by the time they realize that they have been zoned, they are already deep into the friend zone which make it impossible and late

Meaning And Tips On How To Maintain A Good Personal Hygiene

Care of the mouth, nose, eyes, hand, nails and skin

Hygiene is synonymous to cleanliness. Thus, personal hygiene refers to the care of the body. The human body can serve as host of diseases and germs which can get into the body through the openings on our body, thereby affecting our health. Good personal hygiene reduces the chances of falling ill and contacting diseases. The external parts of the body, which includes the skin, mouth, ear, nose, eyes, hands, fingers, hair and others, need to be taken care of.

Abortion And Miscarriage; Meaning, Causes And The Risks Associated With Them

Causes Abortion And Miscarriages

Abortion also known as "pregnancy termination" is when a pregnancy is ended or forced out to hinder the birth of the child. It is the deliberate act of removing an undeveloped foetus or embryo out of the womb. The termination of an unborn child can be deliberate or accidental. The deliberate removal is termed "induced abortion" while the accidental removal is known as "miscarriage". Miscarriage or pregnancy loss is the natural loss of an embryo before it becomes independent and mature. It is associated with vaginal bleeding which may be painful or not.

Tips to Keep and Maintain a Relationship

Tips to Keep and Maintain a Relationship

After finally getting the love of your life, you need to know of how to keep your relationship interesting. You need to know how to keep things rolling and how to make things work. Many people fall out of love, some could not endure the challenges in their relationship and over time they end up drifting away from their spouse. Contributions should be made by both partners in their quest of having a lasting relationship.


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