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Effects Of Social Media On Education

Effects of Social Media on Students

The reading habits of students have been washed down the drain as a result of the emergence of technology and advent of social media. Reading is the essential factor that forms the foundation of greatness in everyone's life irrespective of gender, status and age. It helps to develop an individual and is also important when trying to pass an examination. One of the major reason for the dwindling rate at which students read is due to the introduction of phones, computers, laptops and the wrong usage of all forms of communication technology. Social media and its networks such as BBM, WHATSAPP, Instagram,

Things You Need To Know About The Honey Bee

Things You Need To Know About The Honey Bee

The honey bee is a special creature of its kind. There are over 22,000 species that have been identified. Belonging to the class of insects, they are known for their role in plant pollination and are referred to as one of the most efficient animal agents for plants' pollination. They are found in almost every part of the world except for the extremely cold regions. Depending on the species, bees can live for up to three years. Structurally, they are seen to possess a broad three body segment as is common to insects; the head, a thorax, and the abdominal region.

The Body Segment of The Bee.


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