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The Famous Mortal Enemies: Mongooses Versus Snakes

Mongooses Vs Snakes

Human beings have been known to be prone to the art of waging wars against one another for as long as they have been known to exist as a species. Extremely bloody wars have been fought among humans for many different reasons to list; the most common one, for supremacy over one another. History is littered with well-documented ugly wars, most famously; the two separate World Wars that divided the world and almost tore it into pieces, as well as several civil wars within several countries across several continents at separate times. In this regard, humans can be said to have perfected the art of warfare in a way that no other species can match. However, this cannot be any further from the truth.

The Importance of Museum

The Importance of Museum

Museum is from the latin word “Museion” and can be pluralized as Museums or A museum is a building where historical arts, artifacts, works, sculptures, objects of cultural or biological interests are stored, preserved, studied and shown to the public. Interesting and valuable objects that have historical stories and values are collected and kept in the museum.  They are educational and at the same time centers of amusement.

Four Inspiring Underdog Stories In Football

Some Inspiring Football Stories

Everybody loves the underdog. We, as a society, have always had a deep sense of reverence towards stories of people overcoming great obstacles to come out victorious in their life goals. Part of what makes sports what it is today is the possibility of lesser-known sporting Davids upsetting the Goliaths of the sporting world; giving lovers of sports all over the world an interesting battle instead of a tame bulldozing that one might expect.

Taboos In Nigerian Culture

Taboos In Nigerian Culture

A taboo is an act, action, custom or behaviour that is highly forbidden, prohibited on the basis of sacred social or religious meaning attached to it. Taboo is a Polynesian term ‘tapu’ which means forbidden. It is a universal phenomenon present in all societies. Some are gender-based; some have religious affiliation while some are cultural.  In the society, taboos are usually dreaded by people. Some practices are set aside for spiritual or religious leaders and on the other hand, are highly forbidden by other members of the society. Many of these taboos have been eroded with the coming of Europeans and Christianity.

Effects Of Parenting Style On Children's Academic Performance

Does Parenting Style Affects A Child Educational Performance

A parenting style is the standard a parent use in rearing and raising a child. They are the ways and method adopted by parents in raising their children. It also involves the manners parents use to achieve their expectations from their children. Parents have different parenting styles. A spouse's style may be different from that of the other partner. In most case, one style dominates the other, but it is also possible to have two parenting styles in a household. Most times, they are reflections of the parents' personalities and how they want their children to be. There are four


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