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Burial and Funeral Rites In Nigeria

Burial and Funeral Rites In Nigeria

Burial and funeral rites differ across different culture in Nigeria. Africa as a whole sees the burying of their dead an important tradition. In some parts of Nigeria, burial rites last for a week while some only spend days burying their dead. Burial ceremony is always seen as a tradition that is supported by all members of the society, with foods and drinks served, music played, people dance and in some cases, the coming out of masquerades. Some old people plan how they wish to be buried when they are close to their graveyards.

Knowing More About Children Medical Treatment (Paediatric Medicine)

The World of Paediatric Medicine

Paediatrics, a specialty of the medical sciences, is by no overstatement a tasking one. This branch of medicine was developed and practiced formally from about the 19th century. It is the branch of medicine that deals with health and treatment of child diseases right from births to the adolescent stage, and  takes care of all the child's needs from medical to emotional supports. Doctors that specializes in children are called the Paeditricians. There are subset divisions in the practice, which corroborates the broadness of child medicine. 

Understanding the Five Kinds of Love Language

What are the 5 Love languages

We express love in different ways and expect to be loved differently. Those we love sometimes might not know the language we understand best when it comes to expressing their love. What they might be doing might be "off points" to us. Their own way of saying "I love you" might be different from ours. The reason is because we have different languages of expressing love. There are five common love languages, which are words of affirmation, gifts, act of service, quality time and touch. There is need to understand the language our partner speaks to have a long-lasting and romantic relationship. 

The Importance of Water to Your Health and Body

The Importance Of Water To Human Health

There are some factors that dictate the amount of water the body needs. A practical example is the climate. The climate condition of where you live dictates the amount of water needed. For example, those in the sunny areas like the northern part of Nigeria, gets dehydrated faster and their water intake is much and higher than those in the temperate areas. Other factors that determine the amount of water taken include the activities someone engage in, sport activities or health conditions.

The Health Benefits of Fish Consumption

The Health Benefits of Fish Consumption

Fishes are widely known to be rich in protein. They are known to be richer in protein and low in fat content than meat, especially the species that are white-fleshed. They are also highly reputable for their low calories level and are characterised by the polyunsaturated omega -3 fatty acids which is also known as omega-3s, commonly found in fish oil. Omega-3s is needed for both the internal and external development of the body, useful for body growth and development but cannot be produced naturally by the body; thus, the need for high consumption of fishes that are rich in fatty acids. Apart from protein, fish is also rich in other nutrients such as iodine, vitamins and minerals.

Ways to Know if you are the Side Chick

Are You the Spare or Backup Girlfriend?

Many ladies are ignorant that they are in a relationship with a man that is engaged with another lady. Ladies nowadays fall into the hands of married men without them knowing. They give in their all in the relationship and might even be faithful lovers. We hear of devastating stories of heart breaks that have lead and is still leading young women to health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, mental illness and other psychological problems.   


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