Different Categories of Ladies: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Different Categories of Ladies: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

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There are many women in the world today with different lifestyles, priorities, beliefs, backgrounds and views towards relationship. Some want marriage by all cost while others do not. Some ladies are so independent while others love feeding on men. A man looking for a prospective wife will always have one woman that has some, if not all, of his ideal qualities. It is based on these various qualities that makes a man to reach a final decision on who he wants. The various categories of women we have are further discussed, these categories below are based on the kind of personalty they have and not on other factors like shape, colour, temperament e.t.c. read and enjoy.

  1. The Religious Women

The first types of ladies are the religious babes. These people are always found in the house of God, they never miss any programme, and their time revolves around religious meetings. They do not go clubbing, attend any parties and are always on the team of “no sex before marriage”. These women know the names of the religious leaders and the gists flying around in the church or in the mosque. Among the Christians, they are mostly seen in the choir or ushering sessions where they will be noticed. They are those babes that speak in tongues and nominated as sister coordinators. In the Moslem religion, they are the ones that cover their bodies and faces with overalls, hijabs or veils. They obey the doctrines and are obedient to all kinds of fast. The religious babes castigate those that are not religious, they do not go out with men they do not see in churches or mosques. You must be a pastor, pastor’s sons, an Alfa, Imam or the Alhaji’s sons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Religious Women

Dating a religious babe has many advantages. They assist their partners and hold the house with prayers. These women are obedient and hardly file for divorce because of the scripture’s commandment. They persevere so much because of “what people will say”. These women are humble and they have high respect for their spouse and in-laws and are respected. The children born into the relationship have the highest chance to be brought up in God’s way. The head of the family, that is the man, will be drawn closer to God if he is not. There are also some disadvantages associated with this category of women. You as a club man cannot enjoy the relationship because they will never go clubbing. They tag your behaviours and hold you responsible for your act. There can be no privacy in the relationship and in house as all issues and happenings are always reported to their spiritual leaders or women leaders. Some of them are pretenders as they hide under the spirituality as a means of covering up their past escapades. They use this to seek solace and to get married. Many spiritual ladies might turn out to be pretenders and even worse than the normal ladies.

  1. The Independent/ Career Women

Another set of women are the career and independent women. The career women are the “geeks”, they are only interested in books, hobbies, work and pursuing their career. They do not have time for a relationship and are less clingy or caring. The men around them are looked down on if they are not as much as the women are or higher than them. The career women are so independent, supportive, they do not care about their partners’ cash, and they fend for themselves, buy their possessions, drive flashy cars and live in flashy apartments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Independent Women

Dating those women serves as bonuses. They do not wait for the men before they fix things up. The men go around minding their business and do not give much attention, commitment and money. This is because those women do not seek for them. These ladies care less about marriage which can favour their partners. The men take them for granted because they are better off without them. These ladies prefer dating the men in the same educational line.
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The disadvantages of being independent is that most of them are single even at old age, because they scare men away. It is not good for a man, who really want to settle down, to date a career lady. Also, men see them as threats to their ego as those women can be in charge if care is not taken. Their independent nature can be misinterpreted as being proud, saucy and rude, which might lead to the disruption of their relationships.

  1. The Marriage-Oriented Women

Another set of women are those that marriage oriented. These people do not date for fun and are always serious with their relationships. They opt out of a relationship where marriage is not being discussed; some pester their partner about marriage. All about them is to settle down and start giving birth. They always go about singing the song of being a “Mrs”. Most of them are the old single ladies awaiting God’s miracle. The young ones are the traditional women who think they are not complete without a husband.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating The Marriage-Oriented Women

These people are the best type of women for the men who wants to settle down on time. You can marry them without long courtship. They would have groomed themselves by reading various books on how to keep a house and a man. They take marriage and child birth as a role, know how to cook, manage the house and are ready to give birth immediately. These women worship their husbands’ world, respectful and caring. They are mostly the house wives who will be happy so far they and their children are taken care of. On the other hand, they cannot be supportive or stress themselves bringing in income. You as a man cannot joke with them or their children.

  1. The Gold Diggers

Another set of ladies out there are the gold diggers. They are the big girls with gadgets and expensive possessions. They are beautiful, always seen with the rich men, politicians and the popular men in town. They do not roll with broke guys and are not committed nor emotionally attached in a relationship. All about them is money and other material goods they stand to gain. These ladies are seen in different club houses and parties. They only date for a short period of time and move to the next rich guy available. Many of them are always busy, going on trips and imaginary business meetings. They lie about their movements and are hardly caught in the middle. They are smart and vast in many areas be it sport, entertainment, politics and in the business world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating The Gold Diggers

Dating them has both many advantages and disadvantages. They do not give excuses for sex; they are readily available for clubbing and socialization. These babes are the best women for play boys neither do they mind being side chicks. Dating them means an exposure to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (read more about STD’S here) because they are sexually active. There is no eternal security dating them as they can go in and out of the relationship. The men dating them should be prepared to spend and be ready for heart breaks.

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