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Facts You Should Know About Your First Love

Facts You Should Know About First Love

The flings and memories attached to our first love are always fresh. Our experiences with our first boyfriend/girlfriend differ, which could be romantic, embarrassing, loving and memorable. The definition of first love varies with people. Some people believe their first love is the first person they played the childish daddy and mummy with, the first person they kissed or had sexual intercourse with. Others believe their first love is the one that captured their hearts completely, like, someone that had their "mumu buttons" and not the first girl or guy. This category of people might have had previous relationships before meeting that special person that made their heart go round and round. Few people end up with their first love while many do not. In the course of the discussion in this article, the first love with regards to the person that completely captured the heart will be made reference to.

We all, to some extent fall in love with a particular person. (Those who have not had this experience will do one day). Even the so called play boys have or would have had their number one girlfriend. Par adventure the first love unfortunately becomes an ex due to some circumstances, problems set in. Some find it hard to move forward, forge ahead or fall in love again. Emotional trauma set in when there is a separation from one's first love either by break ups, distance or death. Many people believe they can and will never love any other person again.

There are many cases where love is not mutual. A partner might see the other as his or her first love while the other may not. This is very common among ladies who believe and conclude that the guy or man they had their first sexual relationship with is their first love. They tend to cling to those guys, even if they are being maltreated. Due to our culture, the taboos and the spiritual inclinations attached to the blood stain that results from the breaking of the hymen, it is ideally believed for ladies to marry someone that deflowered them,  this is why, some ladies become obsessed and become  "mario" to the guy that deflowered them. Some ladies also have weird emotional attachment to such guys. Unfortunately, the guy on his part may not feel the same way and might later walk out of the relationship. Even if he feels the same way, nature just have its way making things not to turn out well.

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Mistakes are being made by many people about their first love. Many even bring in their past relationship into the present one. They make comparisons and keep praising the first love in their present relationship. This act has led to the destruction of many relationships. Persistent nagging and telling your partner stuffs like you enjoying the relationship with your first love than this present one can create an inferiority complex which can make your spouse walk out on you.  If things did not work out well with your ex, then why can't you move on and make your new partner another first love? We should stop breaking innocent hearts by talking about first love all. First love should be completely forgotten.

Breaking up Or Cheating on your Partner to be with Your First Love

Some people believe that they cannot be happy with any other person order than their first love. They can leave their present relationship for that person. Some even cheat on their partner with their first love by thinking they won't have sexual satisfaction with any other person than their first love. Some psychologically change the face of their current partner to that of their first love before they can have sexual fulfilling intercourse.

An heart break may Occur Again

Some people experience emotional trauma and cry in their closets if they separate from their first loves. They look up their lives and shut out any other person capable of showing them love. If your love is one-sided and you force yourself to be loved by the person that you called your first love, there is a greet probability that he or she will break up with you again. The other might pretend to be in love, especially if you are already a psycho in the name of love. But, he or she will jerk back into reality one day, break up with you to be with someone he or she loves. So, why waste your emotions on someone that does not feel the same way you feel? What do think you stand to gain.

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If your first love has moved on, then you should. Remember that your first love might not be your truest love. Open your heart to another person and enjoy your new relationship. Stop clinging on a mirage and get back into reality. If you know that he or she does not feel the same way about you, release them and let them go. See your new partner as your first love. Transfer your emotions into a relationship that is worth it. Do not be obsessed or angry with a guy that left you, even if he deflowered you. Another guy who will love you without the hymen is out there waiting for you. All you just need is to stretch forth your loving hands to receive him. Do not transfer aggression into your new relationship neither should you think history will repeat itself. Your ex is neither your present nor your future.

Those who are fond of gisting their first love with their new partner should stop the act. Nobody, even if they pretend to, will like hearing stories of their partner's ex relationships. What does he/she stands to gain if you keep on ranting about the good memories you had with your first love? Do you think that will make him/her transform into your first love? It is not right to keep talking about the strengths of your ex. If you want to change your partner to your taste, do not do this by making comparisons but instead, do the correction with love and with diplomacy.

Remember your first love may not be your true love

Wish you Good luck

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