How To Behave On a First Date

How To Behave On a First Date

How To Behave On a First Date

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Many people do not know how to behave on their first date. The decision to go on a date – lunch or dinner, is based on some atom of likeness for that person, no matter how small it may be. A guy cannot ask a lady out on a date and a lady cannot accept the proposal just to waste each others time. So, going on a first date with someone should be done with caution because it takes a second to create or destroy one’s impression. You have to act well so as to give room for subsequent dates and the opportunity to take the relationship to a next level. This article is not one-sided as both genders will be addressed.

Dating Rules For Men.

  1. Do Not Split Bills

Some men can be annoying on a date. They invite the lady and at the same time make her regret her coming. If you are a man and you want to create a positive impression, do not ever split bills on any date, let alone on your first date. Take her out to a place you can afford instead of asking her to assist you in the payment. Going on a date with small amount of cash can push or tempt you to ask her to help in the payment, which is not right.

A lady will stick with you, no matter where you take her to, if she is really into you. If she doesn’t because of your choice of restaurant, thank your God for not hooking up with a gold digger. On the other hand, if you really wish to impress her, come with enough cash to do so and do not ever make the mistake to forget your wallet at home. No one will believe you if you come up with such excuse on your first date.

2.Comport Yourself

A man should have good comportment on a date. Some men are found of shouting on the waiter/waitress when the meal ordered is being delayed or switched. She might think you are aggressive, even if you are not and may be discouraged from going out with you. A man should try to be calm no matter the situation on ground. Do not bring in your bossy attitude when you are on a date neither should you extend your stress to those around you. If you your day did not go well, you can try to rest, shower or even postpone or cancel the date. It is better not to have the date than to spoil the atmosphere and your reputation.

  1. Be A Gentleman

Be a gentleman on your first date. Do some nice things and be courteous. You can pick her up from her house, open the door and allow her step in first, draw the chair out for her, help in making the order, shield her from any harm or disgrace. A man should be the one to go and make the order if the waiter/waitress are not available. Pour her drinks for her, make a toast, tell her nicely if there are food particles on her teeth or if she get stained with oil, wine or menstrual blood. There is nothing bad in helping her clean up or in lending her your suit if she get stained. All these will make you find your way into her heart and you will be that nice guy who knows how to take care of a woman.

  1. Do Not Lie

As a man, try not to lie on your first date. If you were to lie, make a reasonable one or minimize the rate. Do not tell her what you are not just because you want to impress her. You might be lucky for her not to discover those lies at the moment while you might run out of luck. Mind you, that lady will still ask you those questions months later out of her curiosity or her need to make clarifications because they know men lie. Falling into the pit by saying another thing might put her off or make her not to trust you. It will be hard to build your reputation. Try to be who you are and answer her questions truthfully on your first date.

Dating Rules For Women 

  1. Do Not Go Out With An Empty Purse

A lady going on a date should not step out with an empty purse. You never can say if you are going on a date with a psychopath. Hold your cash in case of emergency. Do not be turned to an object of ridicule on the date. Hold enough cash for transport fare whether you have or do not have a car. Have your money but allow the man to pay the bills. Do not form miss independence by paying or asking him to split the bills when he is not asking you to. Ladies should learn how to pay for their takeaways. If you want to order for a meal to pack home or if there is need to get something for those you left at home, you should have the money for it instead of holding the man responsible. Asking him to do that will reduce your image, make you look like a glutton, make him think you are hungry or after his money which may be the end of everything. If you cannot afford a take away, be okay with the served meal.

  1. Avoid Being A Talkative

A lady should not tell the guy everything about herself on a first date. Do not be the only one answering the questions. Dodge some questions and leave them hanging for another day. Avoid telling him unnecessary things like your salary, the people you are fighting with, your successes or failures. Ladies should also probe the guy by asking him reasonable and matured questions like his place of work, house, hobbies and put-offs. At the same time, do not be boring on your first date. Let him feel your presence and give him the desire to invite you for another date. Be humorous and flow with the discussion.

  1. Do Not Go with Friends or Relatives

A woman that really hope to hook up with a guy should not go on a date, the first for that matter, with a friend or friends. It is risky to allow your friends or sisters tag along with you on a first date. The guy might be attracted to her instead or finds her more funny or lively. This can make them alienate you from the date and might be the end of the relationship with that guy. No matter how nice or trust worthy your friends or sisters are, do not allow them follow you on a date.

First Date Rules for both men and women

Some rules are applicable to both sexes on their first date. Two of which are discussed.

  1. Good Table Manners and Eating Etiquette

Eating etiquette and good table manners are the essential things to note. Do not rush over meal or drinks, talk in between your meal, pick stalked food particles with fingernails, stretch hands to take salt/sugar, munch food loudly or blow your nose when eating.  Cutleries should be used in a right manner. You do not have to use a fork and knife if you are not an expert. Only the fork can be used to eat while a washed hand can be used for the meat. Wash your hands before eating the traditional meal. The person sitting with you is taking notes of all these little things without your knowledge.

  1. Avoid All Forms of Distractions

Secondly, do not be distracted with phone calls, messages or chats. Silent all mobile phones when you are on a date.  Do not make, pick calls or start chatting with friends and family members on your first day. Give the other partner the full attention needed and do not leave them hanging while you attend to other people. Attending to calls can make you want to leave early for an emergency or a meeting, thereby hurrying up the other person. Do not increase their eating speed because of some appointment or meetings, neither should you fix a date on a busy day nor when you are not through with the day’s activities. Plan your meeting on weekends or in the evenings. They are worth the time; at least, that is why you both are in a secluded place.

Enjoy your first date!!!.

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