How To Know If She Is The One

How To Know If She Is The One

How To Know If She Is The One

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An article on “How to know if He is the One” was written on how  to help the females know if they are with the right person. It will be unfair if the guys cannot also figure out if they are with the right person or not because a good partner whether male or female is hard to find especially in this our generation. Apart from the inner conviction you will have if you are with the right person, you might need some other signs to know if you are with the right woman for you or not. Women differs from each other and it is now difficult to know the ones that are serious with the relationship. So to the males, if you are wondering if your partner is the right one for you, here are some tips to help you figure it out;

  1. She Is Not With You For The Money

This is a very important point because of the mindset men have about girls these days. They have strong beliefs that the only thing girls want with them is money and that as long as you have money you can get any girl you desire. Well, you can probably get any girl but you will definitely not get the good ones with money. If your relationship is a long one and your partner has stayed when things were not going well financially, then you should know you have got a good one. It takes a disciplined woman not to leave her man because he is financially down.

If you are rich and financially stable, you can tell if she is with you for the money or not with the way she demands for money especially if all she does is to buy unnecessary things with the money. A good woman who loves you and is concerned about your welfare will not want to extort you. It is also necessary that your partner is hardworking, diligent, has goals, dreams, is ambitious and does not depend on you for everything and anything, someone who appreciates the little things.

  1. She Has Your Back and Supports You

You know you have got a good one if she is always there for you, she encourages you and supports your decisions. A lady who loves you will take interest in the things going on in your life; she will always be there for you, will have your back and will stick by you because she believes in you.Men are not really good at opening up about things going on with them because of their big ego and the feeling that it may be a sign of weakness on their part.

Therefore, when you are comfortable discussing serious issues with her when you are going through difficult times or when you have the feeling that all you want to do is just talk to her because you know talking to her will make you feel better, this shows that she may be the  right one for you. Happiness is very important and you should be with someone who makes you happy just by being with them and being around them and someone that you equally make happy.

  1. She Makes You To Be A Better Person

If being with your girlfriend makes you want to grow and be a better person or makes you take actions towards improving yourself, you might be with the right girl. When you decide to stop some bad habits with the thought that it will make her happy and not just because she complains about them, that lady is the right one for you. It is good to be with someone that will make you do things that are right rather than spending the rest of your life with someone that makes you worse or pushes you to do negative things.

  1. She Is As Committed As You Are To The Relationship

When you are in a relationship with someone that keeps 100 level of commitment with you, this may mean you are in your last bus stop. You need to be with someone who is ready to put in as much effort as you put in just to make it work and not someone who expects you to do everything and make all the changes without them doing anything or making any efforts. Even if you stay with this kind of person for a while, it will only be a matter of time before you get tired of putting all the efforts and making things right without them making ay contributions to the relationship.

Remember that you need a partner and not someone who is okay with bossing you around or leaving you to do everything. When you can think of your future and the only person you hope to be in it is her and all you want is for her to be the mother of your kids, then you are with the right one.

  1. You Help Each Other Achieve Your Dreams

When she constantly pushes and encourages you to achieve your goals and your dreams and you also do the same, when both of you have no problem with making huge or little sacrifices for each other as long as it will help to achieve your dreams, then you may just have found the right one.

  1. You Will Be In Love with Her

The final and most important point is you have to be in love with your partner. If you care about her, you will love and have good feelings towards her but if you are not in love with her, then you should not be with her. After all, you care and have good feelings towards your friends, so the basic thing that differentiates your friends from your partner is the feelings you have towards them. You are supposed to be with someone you feel strongly about.

Also, you have to feel right with the person you are considering spending the rest of your life with. there has to be an amount of chemistry between both of you and when your instincts, soul and spirit tells you she is the right person, then you are most likely with the right person. If it does not feel right with the person you are with then it is probably not just meant to be, do not force it because even if you do, it cannot be forced forever.

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  • Tabitha (not verified)

    January 27, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    The husband material and DPA
    The husband material and DPA got me laffing. Yes oh, we ladies can so much do DPA, putting pix up as dp when the guy won’t even change his for decades. We ladies can be so emotional, ehn!!! Ts high time we started looking for the qualities of the ‘husband material’ or else we friend zoned those guys straight up..

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