How To Know You Are In The Friendzone

How To Know You Are In The Friendzone

How To Know You Are In The Friendzone

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Most of the time, we do not even know how we get into the friend zone because even though we are doing things to prevent usfrom being zoned, we still end up being zoned some of the time. People  try as much as possible not to be friend zoned by the person  they like and want
to start a relationship with and sometimes people get mixed signals so they
actually cannot even figure out if they have been friend zoned or not.  It is not only guys that get friend zoned, even ladies get zoned by the man that they like but it is the males who get zoned most of the time and by the time they realize that they have been zoned, they are already deep into the friend zone which make it impossible and late for them to come out of it. If you are one of the people who are confused, here are some of the signs that you are deep in the friend zone.

 1. They Will Tell You About People They Like

When the person that you like has
frequent conversations with you about someone they like and they gush about
someone that they like to you, then I’m sorry to inform you but you have been
friend zoned. People are only comfortable discussing about people that they
like with someone they are not emotionally attached to. It might get worse by asking
you what to do, tips on how to act and win the person’s heart.  People only have this kind of conversations
with friends that they do not plan to have anything else apart from friendship
with them.

2. They Are Not Really Conscious When They Are Around You

The irony of the matter is, when
you meet someone that you like and the person is a potential partner, you will
be conscious of the way you act around them because you see a possibility of
them being your partner so you do not want to do things that will make them run
away from you and as time goes on, you do not have to be conscious around them.
But if the person that you like is very comfortable with doing gross or
annoying things and they do not put any efforts into their physical appearance,
they do not try to look good in your presence especially when you are just
meeting them, it means they either do not want you around or they have made up
their mind that you are not relationship material, therefore, what you think
does not really matter.

They do not have any form of
attraction towards you and that is why they do not put any efforts into looking
good.  Friend zone has the attributes of
a family member. You do not bother about how you act or what you say and how
you look around your family member because you know that they are not going
anywhere and it does not really matter what they think right.  That is the same way it works in the friend
zone, the person is comfortable with telling you anything and acting anyhow.

Also, if the person asks you about what to
wear on their date and tips on how to behave on their date, you have been
zoned. They are asking you for tips because they feel you will understand  your gender better and you will be able to
give great tips on how to get the person to like them, but you are not that
person and they do not see you in that way.

 3. They Often Tell You How Great You Are As A Friend

If the person you want to be in a
relationship with keeps telling you about how an awesome friend you are, how
your friendship means so much to them, how you have been really sweet and cute,
how you have been a good shoulder to cry on and how they wish that they meet
someone like you to start a relationship with because you are a sweet guy and
they will want their partner to have your kind of character and how any girl
will be very lucky to have you, then you are very deep in the friend zone.

You will begin to wonder why they
want to be with someone that has similar character as you but they do not want
you, this is simply because they don’t just see you as someone they can be
romantically and emotionally attached to. Some will even tell you that you are
like the big bro or big sis that they never had and that they are glad that
they have finally met someone that they can call family, my dear; you are too
deep in the zone.

4. They Do Not Have Emotional Conversations with You

When they never make sentences or
do things that indicate that they will like to have more than friendship with
you, it is probably because they don’t. Anytime you want to have emotional
conversations with them, they either tell you to postpone the topic, the shrug
it off and say thanks or they flare up and say things like they thought you
were different from the other people who try to hit on them, then they do not
see you as anything more than a friend. If they felt the same way, they will be
glad that you are bringing up the topic and their reactions will let you know
that you both are on the same page.

Note that if as a guy, you have a
lady that wants you to follow her everywhere and run errands with her, from the
saloon to the grocery store to the boutique to the make up shop etc, it could
be that she likes you and always want you around, it could also be that she
already see you as a male version of her girlfriend because she is not
emotionally attached with you and she only want to do things that she does with
her girl friends with you. Am sorry bro, but you have been zoned.

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