How to Make a Girl or a Woman Say Yes

How to Make a Girl or a Woman Say Yes

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Despite the belief and notion that men are superior in all areas by having power or a say over women, there are some men out there who are inferior. This kind of men are restricted from the women folk, they find it hard to woo a lady. You don’t have to look like John Dumelo or have numerous 6 digit bank accounts before you attract a woman. There are many tactical ways to win the heart of a lady. These ways might also be useful for those that are in the business of trial and error in wooing women.

Create Awareness

The first thing is to create awareness that you are interested in her. If you meet this lady in a bus, shopping mall, supermarket or in a public place, make a move but be a gentleman? You can assist her to get a send a signal, pay or share her bill, start a descent conversation and have her contact or mobile digits. Give her a call and start a friendship. If she is the one you see always, start by establishing a friendship. Let her know your feelings and emotions towards her and show a sign of seriousness. Depending on who she is, create a conducive environment for proposal. Do not ask her out over a chat, email or message but have a face to face conversation with her. When you want to ask her out, try and be alone with her to avoid being nervous or to avoid interruption from other people interruption. If you are very shy, do not look down, cross your hands nor be tempted to go through a friend. You can leave a note instead. Give her the chance to confide in you. Play games together, make trips and have a regular phone conversation with her. Through this, you will be able to know her likes, dislikes, life philosophy, personality and other things. After making her your friend, do not be a “chatter box” all the time. Leave some details to yourself, do not tell her everything about yourself neither should you bore her with your work and achievements. Be weird and let her go an extra mile to know your details. This is not the same as pride. A man should have listening ears with lips half shut. Allow the lady to express herself.

Create a Good Impression

The second step is to create a good impression about yourself. If you are a good guy, let her know that. If you are not, work on yourself and show her the better you. Be neat, smart and the kind of guy she will admire. Do not be a crying or sucking man, express your masculine abilities, help her to do some things like opening doors, lifting or carrying heavy items. Be mindful of your discussions with or around her, table manners and hygiene (learn how to maintain good personal hygiene here) are very important. All these are necessary because women do take note of the little things men do not serious. A man is expected to be confident and be a life saver. When walking with her, let her be at the safest side of the road and take risks on her behalf. Give your helping hands when she is facing trials or challenges. Help with her problems. If you can’t, find someone who can, or proffer advice on how to solve the problem.

Complement Her Regularly

A little compliment can go a long way. Appreciate the lady always but be careful not to be sarcastic. Praise her looks, dress, shoes, make-up, hair, smell and personality. Notice her when she wears a new hair style or perfume. Appreciate her beauty; let her know she is loved and lucky to be your friend. Have you ever wondered why some men have several ladies with them? The secret is their sugar-coated tongues and their ability to appreciate ladies. Praising a woman will melt and warm her heart towards you. You are unknowingly opening her locked heart and winning her over.
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Be Funny and Charming

Another trick that works is to be a funny and charming guy. If you are an introvert, do not do it to an extreme. Find time to introduce jokes and humours into your conversation. Put a smile on her face, make her giggle, tease her and let her be looking forward to seeing u or chatting with you. Drop your formal relationship at your office. Do not treat her the way you treat your colleagues at work place. Do not be an Adolf Hilter. Know this secret that ladies run from choleric guys or those who are formal, dull or boring. These will help increase the closeness between both of you. Also look into her eyes when discussing with her.

Be Sincere and Respect Her

Nothing put off a lady more than a lying guy. Avoid lying to a lady you are attracted to. Be loyal and answer her questions with sincerity. Clear all doubts and do not play games on her. Cut off all past relationships with other ladies, let her be the center of your world. Do not look nor appreciate other ladies when she is with you. Be open, transparent and truthful. Respect her at her even in her absence and before your friends. Do not get angry at her mistakes or when she is moody. Let your relationship activities be private i.e. avoid discussing her secrets with your friends

Buy Her Gifts and Show Her Off To Everyone

A guy who wants to attract a woman should not be stingy with money, time and resources. Gifts should not be given only during anniversaries. Greeting cards, lunch or dinner is not too bad for a friend. You can just invite her over for a trip or picnic with other friends. Always make her your date in parties. Show her off to people as your best female friend. Visit her office, school or house during the holidays or weekends.

Don’t Be In a Rush To Bed Her

Never introduce sex, sex talks or romance when you are still friends. Flirting with her or going beyond friendship boundary will scare her away. She might think you are with her because of sex or you want to be with her because of her body. She might even flow with you but the memories will not leave her and she will do all she could to avoid being friends with benefit. Keep low your sexual attractions and desires till the time she is yours completely. Be patient and respect her sexual life

In Conclusion

If she turns you down, do not be obsessed, violent, depressed or discouraged. She might just want you as a close friend and not a lover. Do not stop being her friend. She might give in one day and if she does not, move on; there are several fishes in the ocean.

Wish you luck

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