Understanding Women Better

Understanding Women Better

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Women are complex in many ways and are difficult to understand. Their actions and behaviours change with time, mood and situations. Women have diverse nature, temperament and lifestyles. Despite these differences, women generally have similar characteristics. some of those characteristics are discussed below

All Women Nag

Their nagging attitude has been a great issue in our society. The talking nature of a woman is sometimes mistaken for nagging. Women tend to complain about many things. They love making repetition of words. The female folk complain about what they do not like and hope for positive changes. The complaints continue until they notice a change. The beautiful thing about them is that they nag out of love and argue because they care. Our mothers, sisters, female bosses nag a lot. Those with female bosses can testify more on this. There is the need for the men out there to understand this aspect of their women. A woman that loves you will talk, correct and complain about what she does not like.

All women are Late Comers

It is a part of a woman to arrive late when you invite her for dates and outings. You, as a man will always get ready before her. Unlike the men that rush in and out of the bathroom, it takes a woman lot of time to take her bath and focus more on her private parts. A woman takes her time to style her hair, apply make-up, polish her nails, check herself out in the mirror, and make the decision of the clothes and shoes to wear or how to tie her head gear. So, to avoid being delayed by your woman, it is good to give her a time prior to the appointment. You can tell her the appointment meant by 6pm is by 4pm. By that, she will be ready before or by the exact time. All what keeps her late is to look good for you. So, stop complaining because it is who she is.

All Women Care about Their Looks

Women are beautiful beings created on a Monday morning. They care so much about their looks and appearances, thus, the thirst for clothes, shoes and bags. Some women spend half of their income just to look good. They never get tired of shopping. A woman’s room can be mistaken for a boutique where you see different make-up boxes, diverse colours of bags or purses with matching shoes, shades, nail paints, hair wigs and others. They occupy 80% of their partner’s closet and they still complain of not having anything to wear on Sundays and during occasions. Their possessions are meant to enhance their looks.
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Women generally are Caring and Loyal

Majority of them are caring because it is in their nature. They look out for their loved ones and ask after their welfare. Women also show love and give attention to those they love. When it comes to the aspect of being faithful, they are found worthy. Women are more loyal than their counterparts and they do all they could to make the relationship work out. They enter any relationship with love, make it their priority and give in their full commitment, time, resources, sacrifices, dedication and their bodies. Women are different from men in their sexual activities. They do not kiss nor sleep with the men they do not have feelings for unlike their counterparts. They give in their all hoping for little or nothing. They forgive mistakes and give a second chance.

Women are Emotional

They are very emotional and cling to their partners. They find it hard to handle stress, disappointment and heart breaks. Women fall in love easily and find it hard to let go. They are like babies that cry when unhappy. Many of them do not keep in words but rather talk it out by pouring out their hearts. They do not hide their feelings and find it hard to pretend. Women are predictable and you can easily know when they are not happy. All they just do is to switch over to the “mute mood” or to stop caring. They get angry over trivial issues unlike the men.

All Women are Jealous

Women get jealous of so many things. They are jealous of their friends, colleagues, siblings and precisely their partners. They snoop around their partners and protect them like the mother hen. Seeing their partners around opposite sex makes their blood boils. The men are also jealous but they tend to be coded about it unlike the women that do exhibit their jealousy.

Women are Good Planners:

A woman plans for the future, either in a good or a bad way. They have foresight and prepare for things before they happen. Nothing meet them unprepared because they would have had devised a backup plan for such situations. They worry about what they will eat, wear; how to take care of their loved ones. A woman already knows what her future home will look like. Apart from being good planners, they also have the ability to multiple tasks. They have many things going on in their heads and how to go about them. A woman can be cooking, washing and receiving phone calls at the same time.

Women are into Details and are Prone to Frequent Mood Swings

They are nosy and like giving and knowing details. They hardly give one – word answer but rather release their word banks when questioned. If she is asked how her day was, she will start talking starting from her breakfast to those that were rude to her, the day’s gist to her diner. No matter how lovely a woman is, she will always have her moments of mood swings. She can be quiet and are the same time saucy. Most times, their mood changes when they are in their menstrual periods (read about menstrual period here)

In Conclusion

When she is no more in love with you, she stops caring, paying attention, nagging, complaining, fighting and being jealous. She becomes non-challant about you, your looks, what you will eat or your escapades. A woman might be getting fed up if she stops telling you things or if she no longer picks or return your calls.

Wish you Good luck

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