Warning Signs to Know a Potential Wife or Woman Beater

Warning Signs to Know a Potential Wife or Woman Beater

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A wife beater is more or less a psychopath. How can you be hitting your woman? Have you forgotten that both of you are supposed to be one? Many men do not know that beating their babe or wife should be seen the same as beating their own bodies. Some women that are been beaten in their relationship would have seen and ignored the signs during their dating or courtship periods. They were blinded folded with love, money, and the crocodile tears of their partners or the unfulfilled promises to turn a new leaf. Many women even blame themselves for being turned to punching bags. All these should not be so because conflict and disagreement are inevitable in any relationship. Partners in any kind of romantic relationship will definitely fight. But the love between them is expected to solve all forms of conflicts and make them forge ahead.

There is still hope and the chance to call it quit for those that are being physically abused in their courtship. There are many signs that will make you know that your fiance or boyfriend will eventually beat you after paying your dowry or after hooking you up finally. Leave the relationship now before it is too late if you are seeing one or two of the following signs listed below, he may be a potential wife beater.

He Gets Angry Over Little Things

If he gets angry over little matters : if you are a woman and your partner get angry easily or if he count little things or jokes as a big deal, then, this is a sign. If you are in a relationship with a man that is hot-tempered and he burst out with little mistakes or imperfections from your side, you are likely to be dating a psychopath.

You Have to Pretend When He is around

Not being yourself around him: You are in an unhealthy relationship if you are always watchful of your words, jokes or if you pick your words when discussing so as not to offend your partner. If you are an extrovert or a talkative lady naturally or when with your friends but you instantly turn to the opposite side of you when you are around your man, you might be dating a wife beater and this is dangerous. Why are you allowing a man to deprive you of your being and happiness? Do you want to live in your shadow for the rest of your life? For how long do you want to shut yourself out? is he really worth it?. Ask yourself the above questions and if you are not sure of the answers, please pack your love and emotions out of such relationship.

He Enjoys Bullying Everyone
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If he shouts at people around him, sisters, relatives and you: you might be dating a psychopath if your man shouts at people around him, especially, the women folk. That is why it is important to visit him in his office, when he is around his friends and family members. Take note of his relationships with his sisters, mother or any opposite sex around him. If he is fond of shutting them up, shouting or raking for them, he will definitely do that to you one day and that is if he has not done it before. Also, if your boyfriend always shouts at you in the private or in the public anytime he wants to correct or put you in order, he will use his hand or belt one day to correct you.

If he always find fault in you

If you are in a relationship that your guy does not always see the positive sides of you nor compliment you for your good works, you might be in danger. If he is the kind of man that always complain about your food, looks, lifestyle, sexual intercourse and how you do things or is he is always bittered anytime he sees you, that man does not appreciate you nor know your worth and he is most likely to hit you out of resentment in future.

He Tries and Isolate you from Other People

If your guy is not always okay with your friends, family members or if you notice he is shutting the most important people out of your life in the name of being protective or being an introvert, he might actually be a psychopath. His motive behind his actions is to have you all to himself and when he starts his beating, you would have been left alone with nobody to talk to and advise you to do the right thing. Be vigilant if your fiance never approve of your decent female friends and sisters.

He Becomes Violent When he is Angry

If your man hit the wall, furniture and if he always turn the house upside down anytime he is angry, he will finally hit you one of these days if you do not leave the relationship. Also, if your boyfriend always transfer his anger or frustration on pets, domestic animals or on his workers when you annoy him, he will turn to you one day. Have you ever wondered why he is transferring your punishment on his subjects and not on the offender, which is you? Don’t you think he is camouflaging?

Lastly, If he Has Beaten you before he Probably Will do it Again

This is a great sign that your partner will beat the hell out of you in marriage if has once raised his hand, whether he later cautioned himself or whether he finally landed the hand or punch on you. Do not stay with that kind of a man no matter the case.  He might apologise or robe satan with his act, he might even shower you with gifts or promises to visit a counselor. Do not be deceived because he will finally shower you with punches or boxes after hooking you up.

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