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Education is the Best Legacy

Education is the best legacy

Education is a process of facilitating learning and imparting knowledge. It enhances the transfer of knowledge, skills, norms, morals, values and beliefs usually from an adult to young ones, from an experienced individual to a less experienced individual or a learner. It could also be from a child to an adult but this is not common. 

Legacy is handed down or passed down from one period of time to another from an ancestor to predecessor. It could be some amount of money, property.

Education is the best legacy parents can give to their offspring and the primary legacy a nation can give to her citizens. Other legacies such as money in the bank, inheritance which could be movable or immovable are secondary. It could be formal or informal. Both should be embraced for total growth and development of a child at the micro level and the society at the macro level. Education is one of the major institutions which is pivotal to the development of all other social institutions such as the family institution, legal institution, and medical institution (health), political institution among others.

Education refines individual. It teaches, empowers, exposes them to various ways of doing things and teaches them  how to handle and manage other legacies. It improves the quality of life and affects the total way of life of an individual. It reflects in the way of dressing, nutrition, speech and so on. An educated individual will do  well in business, money, land management and other areas of life than his uneducated counterpart.

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Socialization process is possible through education - teaching young ones the ways of life in the society they found themselves. The 'clean slate' state of the mind of a child is beings filled up by the writings done through learning which starts from the family followed by the environment, school, peer pressure religious houses. The social make-up of results from the kind of education he or she receives. The social behaviour of a child is from the actualization of the socialization process.

Education broadens the scope of knowledge; it brings about learning, sharpens the brain, and opens eyes to new developments and invention. It changes the way of thinking and brings about critical reasoning, intellect, enlightenment. Educated people do not take in words hook, line and sinker. He or she knows what to believe and what not to, through careful analysis.  Education led to the transition of the world from the era of the dark ages to the renaissance or the enlightenment era which later resulted to the modern age which is the present age. There is this possibility of further advancement in reasoning with time. People become educated so as to know more, add to their knowledge. As they do so, they come about new and various discoveries which could have never been possible without education. As new discoveries evolve, it came with growth and development.

Education brings about social Interaction as it brings people close to each other and ensures close contact, it allows confab, making of friends, meeting different people, exchange of ideas and exposure to different fields. Although the manifest function of formal education and attending various educational institutions is to acquire knowledge. Notwithstanding, some latent or hidden functions are associated with education. People from different backgrounds meet and they interact with people they would not have met.  Mate selection processes are rampant in educational institutions. Many couples meet their partners in schools, libraries, research institutes, in the course of excursion, museums and other places where knowledge are acquired.

Globalization is possible through the aid of education. Education makes the interaction of countries, exchange of goods and services in terms of export and imports. It allows foreign investment and breaks the communication barriers among countries. Almost if not all investors and globalized countries have a common language which is English Language which is used as a means of communication. English Language is being taught in educational institutions and is seen as an official language in the country, Nigeria and almost all parts of the world. In places where it is not the official language, it is being taught. It would have been impossible for countries to come together without a common language, confusion will be rampant, conflict will abound thus weakens unity. Lack of a common language may result to issues like that of the Tower of Babel in the Bible. The unification of countries by the aid of a common language makes them stronger, social bond and solidarity. It will be difficult for an external or opposing agent or country to overcome them.

The unification of countries by globalization leads to the growth of a country. There will be exchange of goods in terms of import of scarce goods and export of surplus goods out of the country which will generate more revenues and increase in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross National Product (GNP), per capita and others. The exchange of technologies, techniques, modes of governance come with globalization.

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Education provides employment opportunities and means of livelihood. An educated individual has a higher advantage of been financially secured and stable and been independence than the uneducated ones. Education puts one in the path of a good job instead of roaming about, being idle. An idle man they say, is the devil's workshop. Idleness leads to various forms of social vices like thuggery, 'yahoo boyism' , armed robbery, Insurgencies, kidnapping, hooliganism among others. It brings a sense of responsibility to the lives of people as they will not want to do what they should not.

Lastly, education is important as it adduces equality. It bridges the gap of inequality between the social classes. It builds social status and enhances self esteem. People of different social classes attend the same school, write the same exam, are educated equally, and got for the same job interview. Education serves as equilibrium for people in the lower and middle social class division as it allows them to be in the same level with people in the upper social class division. It alienates inequality both on the social and economic level. 

In conclusion, education is the best inheritance given to a child. It should be a joint effort of the society to give adequate education to the young ones.  Quality and good education enhances the overall development of a child and the nation as a whole. Parents and Guardians should pay adequate attention and monitoring to the education of their wards. They should visit the schools of their children and on the other hand, government should provide good infrastructures, good working conditions so that all of us as a whole will give the leaders of tomorrow the best legacy. Being educated is the greatest asset an individual can acquire.



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