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Thanks Giving: A Key to the Miraculous : Luke 17:11-19.

Giving Tanks to God

What is Thanks Giving: 
This is the act of showing appreciation, gratitude for a kind act shown or benevolence shown. Thanks giving open ways  other blessings. It is a very good attribute to cultivate, whosoever has this attribute have the tendency of going far in life.
Looking at the passage (Luke 17:11-19), you will discover that out of the ten lepers that was healed only one of them came back to show gratitude which made his blessing whole and permanent. Do you have an act of gratitude? If not please cultivate it. 
Please Note: An ingrate may never be great. So be grateful.

Motivate your Employees to Perform well with Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins

It is very important for a business owner to make their employees feel special and wanted. It is very important to recognize their work, the time and uncountable efforts they make to complete projects and deliver their work on time. The best way to make your employees feel special is by presenting them employee recognition lapel pins. These label is something special which can make the employee feel emotional and connected to the organization. It makes them feel proud and is memorable present too.

Employee recognition pins can be given to employees on various events like perfect attendance, service anniversary, honor an employee of the month, thanks donors and various other. By giving lapel pins on various such events you can

Why You Should Stop Living In The Past

Living in the past

I heard the story of a young lady, a very decent and promising young girl, which all the family members, friends and colleague saw her as the eye of the family and the nation. She is very brilliant, she also teaches her mate, she was envied by her counterparts. She took almost all the prize within her mate at the end of every session. She’s not completely a stranger to the schools around her town because any time her school set out for competitions she made the school proud. People want her as friend. the success enter into her head and she started misbehaving, start moving with bad friends, attending parties, and became wayward, loosing concentration. Every of her mate and teachers started wondering what was going on.

Personal Mid-year Appraisal

Achieving My Goal

At the beginning  of the year , no matter how small it may look some of us made a new year resolution concerning what to drop, do, improve on and achieve for the year. How much of it have you and I been able to achieve? are you still planning and striving to achieve your purpose for the year ? or you have forgotten about them. This blog is written with a purpose to encourage us to continue to strive till we achieve our goal.  

What are your goals and how can you achieve your set goals for the year.


Can Love Cause Pain

Most times we  look for love where it doesn't exist, but I think love is all around us just like every other human feeling. 

The basic difference in love and other emotions we feel is that love is expected to be reciprocated and last forever and the question I keep asking  is “why will someone pay so much attention to you and you don't even show a bit of affection back”.

Love is a mutual feeling, but when it involves one party alone leaving the other out, it becomes parasitic and then  you feel both pain and love together.

How to Dress Well (For Ladies)

Tips on how to dress well and look attractive

Dressing requires a lot of creativity and it works best when one knows the colour,body shape,clothing personality and lifestyle that work best on her.
Being well dressed influences other people to see you as competent, capable and smart, as well as helping you feel more confident about yourself.( You can read my blog post on how dressing affects your confidence here)


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