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Marriage, God's own Institution

Two coming together as one

Marriage is an institution ordained by God, the smallest unit of institution called FAMILY, a place where everyone in the society spring forth from. No matter how large a community is today, it originated from a home. Each of us is a product of a family. No matter the SUCCESS you achieve today in a big organisation, you will still be traced back to the smallest unit of institution call Family and that is the reason each one of us have a name which in a way speaks of where we come from. 

A Typical Lagos lifestyle

The Pursuit of Money in Lagos

Lagos Life /Lagos Life Style . 
It is a norm, a standard of life, anytime, any day in our noble industrious town Lagos, to be stressful. It is the food and the water we drink, it is normal to us. Leaving home very early in the morning all in pursuit of daily bread but to reach home late in the night very tired. Sleeping in the vehicle a usual act for the people of Lagos.

Self Confidence Based On Appearance

self confidence due to apperance

I remember  a job interview I attended with a hairstyle that didn't look official, although it was presentable.  One of the interviewer on the panel  got interested about the hairstyle, and I had to explain to her that the hairstyle does not require combing and some other stuffs and she was like WOW, REALLY??????!!!!!!!!

It was later when I got home that I realised that she was actually checking my confidence level with the questions she was asking, and shortly after we had been shortlisted,  myself and the  co_interviewee's were discussing and they all passed the comment that " this babe, you really get mind for you to have come to an interview with that hairstyle".

Mental Stress Versus Physical Stress

Differences between Mental and physical stress

Mental stress Versus Physical stress
Case Scenario
I got home early today, around 6:30pm to be precise, i noticed that i am more tired and exhausted than my normal days when i get home by 9:00pm which is the average time a lagosian gets home due to traffic congestion, even though most of us close from work by 5pm. on some days it even gets as bad as 10pm, (u don’t need to pity us, it is part of us already, stress no dey kill nigerian man...hahaha....ok back to topic

How To Perform A Safe Excavation

How to Excavate Safely
Executing Safe excavation Operations on site

Almost three years ago, I was told of an incident that happened here in Nigeria at my current work location, Nigerdock PLC Snake Island. My colleague who was telling me of the story said, there was an excavation operation going on, and as usual they could not finish that day, so they closed for the day and everybody went home to have a good night rest. During the night it rained heavily and everyone slept well.The next morning, everybody trooped in for the day’s work, from the changing room, an operative went straight to the excavation site without obtaining instruction from his supervisor. 


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