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Dealing with Stress Through Your Diet

Good food for stress

How can you improve your body’s handling of stress through daily nutrition?

Medical researchers have long established a strong link between the body’s stress response and the way a person chooses to nourish their body.

Obviously, if you’re always eating fast food and fatty, high-calorie food your body will not be very happy with the excess salt, fat and preservatives present in your diet.

10 Reasons why you should do your Eye checkup

Reasons why you should do your Eye checkup

Eye examinations should be a regular part of your health check-up regime. Try to fix up an appointment every 6 months with your ophthalmologist. Take up some preventive measures before your vision gets affected. 
Eye test is not a mere routine of reading out the eye test chart. They are a very good means to keep a check on your vision acuity and any other underlying health conditions. If you are still not convince to book your appointment yet, then below are some reasons which we have listed out which you might take into considerations to agree with us.


Hospital Acquired Infections (Nocosomial Infections)

Infections That Are Contracted In Hospitals

Have you ever experienced some sought of illness few days after visiting a hospital or health facility? Many people have had stories of how they were once healthy before going to visit a relative or friend at the hospital and were later down with one illness or the other. There is no need to wonder much. It is scientifically explained that there are certain infections whose development is encouraged by conditions as can be found in a hospital environment. These infections are generally classified as 'Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI)'- and are also known as Nocosomial infections. Sometimes nocosomal infections could grow severe and may even lead to death in a number of instances.

Occupational Diseases And Illness; 4 Different Occupation Case Study

Four Work-Related Disease

There are some diseases and illness that an individual can contact at work. This means that some diseases are occupational in the sense that a healthy worker can become unhealthy due to his or her occupation. Some factors present in an occupation can expose a worker to some risks. The environment, physical factor, chemical composition, health factors and the psychological exposure to a worker can affect his or her health. Poor working conditions and lack of preventive measures are the most important causes of job related diseases. some occupation and its peculiar disease or illness are discussed below

The Benefits of Water Melon To The Body

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Over the years, Watermelon has been regarded by people either as a fruit or as a vegetable. It has botanical name Citrullus lanatus and belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. Watermelon is a vine-like flowering plant which originated from southern Africa. Watermelon has a smooth rind which is usually green with a sweet inner flesh, (which contains a lot of water when eaten). The inner flesh is usually deep red to pink and sometimes it can be yellow or orange in colour, containing many seeds.

Water melon has been cultivated in Egypt for so long, around 2nd millennium BC and

Eye Defects And Corrections In Humans

Common Eye Defects

Human eye is the most important organ in the body. The eye serves as the king as nothing can be done easily without the eyes. Eyes are used mainly for sight. This delicate organ needs proper care and attention because its loss will throw a being into total darkness. Some people are born without sight while some develop sight defects over time. Some neonates lose their eyes due to pregnancy complications or diseases such as measles.

Basic Knowledge And Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Formation, Stages, Multiple Births and Symptoms

Pregnancy is the state of being pregnant. This is the period by which an offspring develops in a woman which starts from the day of last menstrual period to childbirth. Pregnancy is also known as gestation or conception, a process by which the ovum is fertilized by the sperm to form zygote. During ovulation, matured eggs(ova) are released. When there is unprotected sexual intercourse in the ovulation period, the sperm cell swims up into the vagina of a woman and fertilizes the matured egg released by the ovary. The union of the sperm cell and the egg to form a zygote is known as fertilization. The fertilized egg then travels to the womb(uterus) through the fallopian tube(uterine) where further division of the egg cells occur to form a zygote.


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