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Maintaining your car

Maintaining your car

With such a great amount of attention on car purchasing, few individuals consider the maintenance obligations of a car. A typical car may have upto of 75,000 assembled parts, and the breakdown of only one of these parts can make your car act abnormally. Maintaining a car in great condition will help you to keep it safe and sound, use it for quite a while, and sell it after a while for a better price. Maintaining a car can be extravagant and tedious, yet the extra care you make today will spare you some cash in the nearest future.

below are simple things you ought to be doing to guarantee your car stays in a great functioning state.

Having a Healthy Dog

healthy dog, animals

How do you identify a healthy dog?

When you want to identify a healthy dog, what are the factors you look for? Is it about the quality of food the dog eats? or is it about how often the dog visits a vet? All these are not just the only ways to check if your dog is health. We should know that just as being healthy is not just about looks for human, so also being healthy is not just about physical well-being for dogs. A physically healthy dog also needs both mental and emotional healthiness.

The Toyota Corolla (historical and present models)

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota corolla is a line of efficient cars manufactured by Toyota. Commenced in 1966, the corolla succeeded to become the most popular car in the world in 1974 and since then has been one of the bestselling cars. The name corolla is derived from the Toyota crows for sedans which is in accordance with the Toyota naming custom. No producer is better known for building strong, dependable cars than Toyota. Furthermore, the Corolla was the car that made that reputation. 

The Corolla is the oldest in Toyota's present stock of Nigerian items, excluding Land Cruiser. Also, Corolla is the most popular car line ever, with more than 30 million Corollas sold around the world. 

Falling Standard of Education in Nigeria

No chairs for pupils to sit and learn

Education is the fulcrum of the nation's development. It is the foundation upon which all other sectors are built. If the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do?  The foundation of the Nigeria's Education is weak and if nothing else done to rebuild it, the hope of our unborn children cannot be guaranteed. The educational structure of Nigeria has experienced earthquake, only the crumbs are left. Gone are the days of free and quality education. Corruption has eaten up the country, National budget allocated to the educational sector is reducing day by day. The little amount of money available is developing unseen wings and flying out of the nation's pocket.

Choosing the Right Career

Choosing the right career

Career is derived from a French word "carriere" which means ’race course' or 'road', which in turn is from a Latin word "carrus" which means wagon. Career is a person's occupation and profession; one’s calling in life that involves formal training or education. It is a lifelong course, a learning process and work an individual engage in all through his or her life time.


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