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No Excuse for Ignorance

No Excuse for Ignorance

What is Ignorance?
Ignorance, they say, is the greatest disease. It is from two Latin words - 'in' which means 'not' and 'gnarus' meaning 'knowing'. Literally, ignorance means 'not knowing'. It is the condition of being uninformed, uneducated and unaware of the happenings in a place. It is the lack of understanding, learning, knowledge and knowing things that should be known. An ignorant man is like a blind and deaf man walking on a busy road. Ignorance is may be believed in some instances to be synonymous to stupidity, but that is wrong. To be stupid means to lack in intelligence or exhibit behaviours that lack intelligence.

How to Improve A Teacher-Student Relationship

 Improving your relationship with your student

Teachers play significant roles in the lives of children. They are the most important factor in children's lives after their parents. They are essential in the build of a child personality and the development of academic performance because they spend up to one-third of a day with the children. Children are expected to respect their teachers the way they respect their parents. Building a good relationship between teachers and students is a herculean and challenging task. But if you can overcome the barriers, there will be a positive teacher student relationship which will lead to academic success.

Funny Things Students Do During Examination Period

 How examination Affects Students

Examination is a formal way of testing the capabilities, skills and knowledge of students by asking them questions and expecting them to answer wihout them having access to their textbooks or notes. Exams could be in various forms, it could be oral, written, theory, essay, multiple choice format, it could also be on a paper or computer. Examination is very important in student's educational career, success and promotion. Passing an examination is an achievement and a means of climbing the academic ladder, reaching the top and an avenue for going higher in one's career. Many students’

Educate A Female Child And Empower A Nation

 Educating A Female Child (Gender Inequality)

Gender inequality has eaten up many nations. It is found in every institutions and in all spheres of life. We have gender inequality in the family, religious houses, political world and even in the education realm. Gender inequality is the unequal treatment given to individuals based on their gender or sex. It is obvious that even in homes, boys are preferred to girls; the female gender is being subordinated by the male gender everywhere. This is one of the major problems that confront women and girls in the society. They are being discriminated against in education, politics, labour markets,


Sepp Blatter (FIFA President) Resigns

It took more aggressive resolve than expected of someone under such intense pressure from the world, but it finally happened: Joseph Sepp Blatter fell on his own sword and resigned from the pinnacle of world football as the president of its highest governing body, Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), after an unprecedented 17 years at the helm of affairs. 

War Against Examination Malpractice

Cheating during exam

Examination malpractice is no more news in our country. Students believe that their success is not possible without engaging in this act. This practice is found everywhere and in all institutions. Primary school pupils now look over their friend's shoulders to copy during examination. Secondary and Tertiary school students are experts in this area. There is always a means to cheat devised by student. The different forms of illegal actions during examination include bringing in micro chips into exam halls, writing answers on body parts, impersonation, asking friends for answers, extending the length of


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