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Flying Eagles Take Flight : Will It be Enough?

Nigeria Versus Korea Under 20 World Cup 2015

The reigning African Youth champions required 135 minutes of stumbling on the ground to gain momentum, but the Flying Eagles of Nigeria finally spread their wings and took off the ground as they romped to a 4-0 annihilation of Korea DPR at the Stadium Taranaki, New Plymouth in the ongoing Under-20 World Cup in New Zealand. The score line does not fully tell the complete story as the Eagles could not break down the resolute Korean side in the first 45 minutes of the encounter with the best chance of the half coming from a 25-yard shot from captain Musa Muhammed which hit the post.

Understanding What Science Means (Physical Science Versus Social Science)

Difference Between Physical Science And Social Science

There is a wrong notion of what science is. People focus on technology, inventions, computer, waves and some disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics when they hear the word 'science'. This is not totally true because science transcends scientific disciplines, discoveries and inventions. Science is derived from a Latin word 'Scientia' which means knowledge advancement. It is the system of acquiring and advancing knowledge which is attained through study or practice. Any intellectual activity carried out by humans in order to discover information about the natural world is

Effects Of Parenting Style On Children's Academic Performance

Does Parenting Style Affects A Child Educational Performance

A parenting style is the standard a parent use in rearing and raising a child. They are the ways and method adopted by parents in raising their children. It also involves the manners parents use to achieve their expectations from their children. Parents have different parenting styles. A spouse's style may be different from that of the other partner. In most case, one style dominates the other, but it is also possible to have two parenting styles in a household. Most times, they are reflections of the parents' personalities and how they want their children to be. There are four

SERENA WILLIAMS: The Undisputed Queen Of The Court

Serena Williams Wins 2015 Grand Slam

It has become an all too familiar sight for tennis fans in recent years: Serena Williams braving unfortunate setbacks to incredibly emerge victorious in the end. It is a narrative that fans have seen play out in the 33-year-old American’s illustrious professional career and one that came into play again as she won her 20th grand slam title in Paris, France on Saturday, defeating world number 13 Lucie Safarova6-3,6-7(2-7),6-2 in the French Open.

Enrolling Your Child In A Boarding School : The Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Of Boarding School

A boarding school is a school where the students and teachers live together in a safe environment where accommodation and meals are provided. Well behaved and godly teachers serve as house masters and mistresses. Mature students especially those in final classes and prefects also assist house masters & house mistresses, patrons and matrons act as guardians who monitor the activities of students. Parents entrust the safety and welfare of their wards to these guardians. Pupils and students are referred to as 'boarders'. They go to their various homes during holidays, mid-terms breaks

Effect of Frequent Change of School On a Child's Academic Performance

 Disadvantages of Changing Schools

Children change schools due to many reasons which might be personal or not. Such factors include expulsion of a student from a school, poor education standard and poor academic performance, changing to a better institution, the need to live with other people/members of the family, migration of the whole household from one place to another, occupational mobility, search for good standard of living, natural disaster, war, famine, poverty, divorce among others. Moving to a new school is challenging and can affect the performance of a child. But if proper precautions are taken, the effects can be reduced.

Common Social Vices In Schools : Causes, Effects & Solutions

Common Social Vices, Bad Behaviours and Imoral Acts

It is rare to find a school or an institution void of social vices. This depicts that they are present in all educational centers - Primary, Secondary & Tertiary. Vice is from a Latin word 'vitium' meaning defect or failing. It is defined as a bad habit or immoral activities. Vices are common among young males and females, examples include prostitution, indecent dressing, robbery, cultism, pocket picking, drug addiction, examination malpractice, hooliganism, thuggery, gambling, smoking, pre-marital sexual activities and rape. Social vices are bad traits, unhealthy and negative


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