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Child Abuse And It's Effects On A Child's Academic Performance

Child Abuse In Nigeria

Child abuse is not a strange phenomenon in our society. There is no safe place for children anymore because it is everywhere: home, school, street, religious houses are all possible places for child abuse. Also it can be performed by siblings, parents, teachers, guardians and so-called mentors. What is child abuse? Literally, it is any form of maltreatment given to a child. It occurs when an elder one, parent or guardian cause harm, injury, risk or death to a child by their actions. Harmful behaviours from parents, older people, and care-givers can be intentional or not. Any form of behaviour that leads to the

Should Post UTME be Scrapped?

Advantages And Disadvantages of Post UTME(Post Jamb)

Post-UTME (Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) is the examination conducted by tertiary institutions to test the ability of students seeking admissions into their schools. Many people refer to it as Post Jamb and it is usually conducted after UTME. Only those who have the required grades in UTME are eligible to write the exam.  Universities have different cut-off marks. Some allow those that have 180 and above grades in UTME to write POST-UTME while some base theirs strictly on 200 and above. Many Federal Universities and some State Universities in Nigeria allow only

Popular Music Super Star Akon, Lights Up Africa

Akon Solar Panel Scheme

Born Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Pure Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam on April 16, 1973, Senegalese-American rapper, songwriter and producer popularly known as Akon is no stranger to the average lover of music. The multiple award-winning artiste has delighted music fans with his voice for years now in a career spanning a little over two decades. Now, he has decided to elicit joy across rural parts of Africa by providing them with solar-powered energy with his Akon Lighting Africa initiative.

Child Labour : A Threat To A Child's Success

 Child Labour In Nigeria

Child labour is the work children engage in that hinders their schooling and development. It could also be defined as harmful and strenuous work children engage in. Child labour could be in form of child slavery, child trafficking, forced labour, child bondage, and prostitution, the use of children as drug-carriers, sex objects and for pornography production. In Nigeria, child labour is the employment of a child under the age of 18.There are some works children engage in that does not stand as threats to them but rather as means of survival, learning and development of skills and sense of

20 Things You Should Do to Attain Academic Excellence

20 things you need to do to achieve academic Excellence

To be a success is not a child's play. There are prices that needs to be paid in order to be successful. Climbing the ladder to the peak of one's career requires a lot of seriousness, diligence, attention and focus. To be successful means the ability to achieve one's aims and goals in life. It goes beyond having high grades or participating in class. Academic excellence entails taking the extra mile to achieve the set goals, avoiding any distractions and being on the tracks till one get to the finishing line. Those who are successful in their careers do not jump down from the Heavens neither

The Importance Of Parental Support On Education

Parental Support and Child's Education

Parental involvements in school activities have a positive impact on academic performance. It is very important for parents to be involved in the education of their children from the start. Parents are primary educators of children as they have the greatest influence on them right from childhood to adulthood. Teachers’ roles come in to play when the children start schooling. In this sense, both the parents and teachers are the important educators in a child's life. They help to develop the child's intellect and social life.


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