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Mental Illness; Causes, Effect And Solution

Effects and Solution of Madness

There is a difference between Mental ill-health and Mental illness. Mental ill-health is the general condition experienced by everyone in stressful situations or when faced with awful experience(s) like the death of loved ones. Examples of behaviours exhibited include sleeplessness, mood swings and lack of concentration. These behaviours are natural and fade away with time. Mental illness on the other hand is the condition that affects a person's cognitive, reasoning, thinking, mood and relationship with others and with their daily activities. Mental health is the psychological and emotional well-being.

Understanding The Meaning Of Traditional And Herbal Medicine

 What is Traditional  And Herbal Medicine

Traditional medicine also known as herbal or alternative medicine include various health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating medicines from plants, animals, spiritual therapies, medical foods, manual techniques and exercise. It refers to all practices designed to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being that are based on the beliefs practiced before the emergence of scientific medicine. According to WHO, traditional medicine is defined as the sum total of all knowledge and practices whether explicable or not used in the diagnosis, prevention and elimination of

Traditional Medicine Practitioners

Traditional Medicine Practisioners And Diviners

The traditional medicine practitioners common in this country include the Diviners, Herbalists, traditional Birth Attendants, Traditional Gynecologists, Traditional Orthopedic Doctors or Bone Setters, Traditional Obstetricians and Pediatricians. All of them are known as "Native Doctors" and there is no thin demarcation or differentiation among them. A diviner can also be an herbalist and bone setters, a gynecologist can also be a pediatrician and a birth attendant at the same time.  Each these practitioners are fully discussed

How Modern Medicine Came Into Nigeria

How Modern Medicine Came into Nigeria

Before the advent of the European rule, Nigerians relied solely on indigenous medicine (read more about traditional Medicine here), which is peculiar to each culture, based on the illness or disease paramount to the culture. This is why traditional medicine in Nigeria is not uniform. Then, we had a well established medical system that uses the "Ifa" system to investigate the causes of illness and their

Modern Medicine And Its Advantages

Advantages and benefits of Modern Medicine

Modern medicine is a medical system that is based on the assumption that the mind and the body are separate. Thus, patients are not treated wholly but according to the symptoms exhibited. The diseased body parts are taken into consideration. The physical health is treated in modern medicine and the worn-out and damaged organs of the body can be treated, repaired or replaced when damaged. Modern medicine is the only form of medicine that has mastered the art of organ replacement.

The Traditional Medical System In China

Chinese Traditional Medicine types

The traditional medical system practised in China is quite interesting. It is good we go out of Africa to see how other people practise their herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient system of health care in China and has been in practised for about 3,000 years ago. The earlier Chinese physicians are philosophers and their ways of viewing the world affected their medicine because to them, the human body is seen as a smaller version of the universe. They are seen more of an adviser. Their medicine is based on harmony with nature and balance with moderation and prevention.


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