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Abortion And Miscarriage; Meaning, Causes And The Risks Associated With Them

Causes Abortion And Miscarriages

Abortion also known as "pregnancy termination" is when a pregnancy is ended or forced out to hinder the birth of the child. It is the deliberate act of removing an undeveloped foetus or embryo out of the womb. The termination of an unborn child can be deliberate or accidental. The deliberate removal is termed "induced abortion" while the accidental removal is known as "miscarriage". Miscarriage or pregnancy loss is the natural loss of an embryo before it becomes independent and mature. It is associated with vaginal bleeding which may be painful or not.

Common Sexually Transmitted Disease And Infections (STD & STI)

common Sexually Transmitted disease

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are  infections gotten from sexual intercourse. They are passed from one person to another during sexual acts including the oral and anal sex. STIs become STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) when they start showing symptoms. The symptoms rear their ugly heads faster in men than in women. Some are easy to cure while some are difficult and may lead to sterilityor infertility in both sexes, miscarriages in pregnancy and other reproductive problems. Every sexually active individual is exposed to these infections. They are numerous but the common ones will be covered in this

Common Toilet Disease : Symptoms And Prevention

Causes of toilet disease

We are all prone to toilet diseases. Men, women, literates, illiterates, young and old make use of restrooms which expose us to infections if our hygiene is nothing to write home about. Women are more prone to these infections because most of them sit on these toilet seats. Toilet diseases are the infections one can contact through the use of the toilet in an unhygienic way or through using dirty public toilets. Toilet diseases can be contacted from dirty toilet, toilet door knobs and handles, by touching toilet surfaces with fingers or not washing hands after using the toilet. They are referred to as "faeco-oral" diseases. The usage of toilet by several people with different backgrounds, hygiene ideas and infections makes one contact toilet infections and those with poor hygiene are more susceptible to

Common Diseases In Nigeria ; Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

Common illness and disease in nigeria

Nigerians are vulnerable to some diseases. No matter how great our hygiene habits are, we are still exposed to certain illnesses. The common diseases in Nigeria are malaria, cold, hypertension, cholera and HIV/ AIDS. These diseases have been reduced to the minimum with the emergence of orthodox medicine. They had claimed many lives in the past and many of these diseases were attributed to spiritual afflictions and attacks. The diseases are highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Body And Foot Odour; Causes And Prevention

 Causes Of Body And Foot Odour

Body odour is an unpleasant body smell. The main cause of body odour is the secretion of some chemicals by the apocrine sweat glands. Sweat is a natural process that helps the body to regulate its temperature. The more people sweat, the greater the chances of body odour. The body sweat is odorless but the body gives out unpleasant smell when the bacterium that lives on the body breaks down the body sweats into acid. These acids are harmless to the body but only give the skin or body an irritating smell. The acids are the propanoic acid with pungent smell and the isovaleric acid, which is mostly

Tips On How To Get A Guy You Like And Admire

How To Get The Guy You Want

You do not have to dress tight, expose your body parts, have fat pockets, have a "wow" look, or express your feelings verbally before you win a guy's heart. You might have a prince charming in your school, class, work place, as a friend or family friend that you always dream to be with or fantasize about. He might know of your feelings and pretend not to, he might be totally unaware that a lady is into him or might just be an "asshole" by forming big boy or hard to get. Do not worry ladies because here are some tips or steps to win his heart, turn him over to you and make him fall in love with you.

How to Make a Girl or a Woman Say Yes

Making A Girl Say Yes

Despite the belief and notion that men are superior in all areas by having power or a say over women, there are some men out there who are inferior. This kind of men are restricted from the women folk, they find it hard to woo a lady. You don't have to look like John Dumelo or have numerous 6 digit bank accounts before you attract a woman. There are many tactical ways to win the heart of a lady. These ways might also be useful for those that are in the business of trial and error in wooing women.


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