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Simple Machines and its Classifications

The Lever

Machines are energy-using tools with many part(s) used by people to perform an action. They are used instead of man power to make work done easier, faster and with much accuracy. Machines save and preserves human energy and it saves time. They are used everywhere and for different purposes. We have machines in houses, farms and in all forms of industries. When machines are used, force is applied and there is/are energy conversion.

The Toyota Corolla (historical and present models)

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota corolla is a line of efficient cars manufactured by Toyota. Commenced in 1966, the corolla succeeded to become the most popular car in the world in 1974 and since then has been one of the bestselling cars. The name corolla is derived from the Toyota crows for sedans which is in accordance with the Toyota naming custom. No producer is better known for building strong, dependable cars than Toyota. Furthermore, the Corolla was the car that made that reputation. 

The Corolla is the oldest in Toyota's present stock of Nigerian items, excluding Land Cruiser. Also, Corolla is the most popular car line ever, with more than 30 million Corollas sold around the world. 

Disadvantages of Using Machineries

Disadvantages of Using Machineries

There is virtually nothing with advantages that doesn’t have its disadvantages. As good as the uses of machines are, they also have their shortcomings. Machines are first created with no harm and are made to make life easy, increase production and also for accuracy but humans now use machineries in a void a manner causing laziness and harm to them and people around them. Machines on its own also affect the economy state through high rate of unemployment. The major disadvantages of machineries are discussed further.

The Body Components of a Car

The Body Components of a Car

The body components of a car are those parts that can easily be seen because they are on external.  A higher percentage of them are publicly known. They include the bonnet, tyres, rims, bumper, windows, doors, cowl screen, radiator core support, roof rack, deck lid, trim package, front clip, fascia rear and support, fender/wing, boot, valance, pillar, grill, rocker, spoiler, welded assembly, quarter panel. Common seven components are further highlighted.

1. The Bonnet

Features That Ensures Safety in Cars

Features That Ensures Safety in Cars

A car is expected to have some features to enhance the safety of people which could be its owner, driver or passengers. These safety features reduce the risk to theft, accident, which could be fire or road accident. It can also reduce the fatality of accident when it occurs. Some important features include the seat belts, auto emergency braking, antilock braking system, brake assist system, fog lamps, airbags, daytime running light, pre-cash safety system, adjustable steering column, head restraints, reversing camera, lane keeping assist among others. The key ones are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Manual Transmission Car Driving Tips for Learners and Amateurs

Driving Tips for Beginners Manual

The technique applied in driving along a steep slope is to utilize the handbrake as a safety control to prevent the vehicle from moving back to the bottom of the hill while you change your feet between the pedals and the breaks during the high slope drive. People new to driving usually encounter great problems when driving on a high slope because they are generally nervous about the car moving back to the starting point of the slope, a little backward movement of the car destabilizes them and they lose the right to decide on what pedal they should depress. The fact remains that if one can

Maintaining your car

Maintaining your car

With such a great amount of attention on car purchasing, few individuals consider the maintenance obligations of a car. A typical car may have upto of 75,000 assembled parts, and the breakdown of only one of these parts can make your car act abnormally. Maintaining a car in great condition will help you to keep it safe and sound, use it for quite a while, and sell it after a while for a better price. Maintaining a car can be extravagant and tedious, yet the extra care you make today will spare you some cash in the nearest future.

below are simple things you ought to be doing to guarantee your car stays in a great functioning state.


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