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Types of Personalities and How They Affect Relationships

Types of Personalities

No two people are the same. Children from the same womb, identical twins and those that are close to being the same will have one or two differences. We all have our strengths and weaknesses likewise do we have different personality traits. The psychologists grouped the personality traits into four- Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegm and Sanguine. Within these four groups exist another two broad divisions of traits people can be classified into. They are the introverts and the extroverts. The introverts are those that always want to be in their shell, they do not like to be seen. They are known to be calm, reserved, gentle and easy going. They are hardly noticed in the public and they keep to themselves. The extroverts on the other hand are

Tips On How To Get A Guy You Like And Admire

How To Get The Guy You Want

You do not have to dress tight, expose your body parts, have fat pockets, have a "wow" look, or express your feelings verbally before you win a guy's heart. You might have a prince charming in your school, class, work place, as a friend or family friend that you always dream to be with or fantasize about. He might know of your feelings and pretend not to, he might be totally unaware that a lady is into him or might just be an "asshole" by forming big boy or hard to get. Do not worry ladies because here are some tips or steps to win his heart, turn him over to you and make him fall in love with you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Long Distance Relationship

Demerits of Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship is when both partners are not in the same location or geographical area. They might have started the relationship with close contact after which one or both separated from each other due to many reasons such as job transfer, education purpose, and search for a greener pasture or change in parent's location. Some people who meet their partner on social networks, through a friend or through match-making often practice long distance relationship. They might be able to see each other frequently if the distance between them both is not much. On the other hand,

How to get your Friend Back After A Fight Or Misunderstanding

how to get back your friend after a fight

Getting back your closest friend may feel impossible, but don't forget that the things that hold two individuals together don't just vanish overnight. To get your closest friend back after a misunderstanding or after another person has entered the cliche (for instance another friend, boyfriend or girlfriend), use one of the techniques listed below 

Facts You Should Know About Your First Love

Facts You Should Know About First Love

The flings and memories attached to our first love are always fresh. Our experiences with our first boyfriend/girlfriend differ, which could be romantic, embarrassing, loving and memorable. The definition of first love varies with people. Some people believe their first love is the first person they played the childish daddy and mummy with, the first person they kissed or had sexual intercourse with. Others believe their first love is the one that captured their hearts completely, like, someone that had their "mumu

How to maintain your friendship, when a third person joins the circle

how to keep your friends

Understanding the situation

You should understand that by default, your relationship dynamics with your friend may change after a romantic relationship, marriage, business partnership, etc. enters into your friend's life. This can leave little space for you as a closest friend. Normally the change is brief and things will settle after some time, so during this temporary change in relationship dynamic, you can make use

Ways to Know if you are the Side Chick

Are You the Spare or Backup Girlfriend?

Many ladies are ignorant that they are in a relationship with a man that is engaged with another lady. Ladies nowadays fall into the hands of married men without them knowing. They give in their all in the relationship and might even be faithful lovers. We hear of devastating stories of heart breaks that have lead and is still leading young women to health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, mental illness and other psychological problems.   


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