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Various Forms and Examples Of Domestic Violence in a Relationships

Various Forms Of Domestic Violence In Relationships

So many people do not even realize that they are in abusive relationships. There are not aware that those very little and subtle actions of their partner are forms of violence and can escalate as time goes on. Some people also decide to turn a blind eye to the signs that they are in abusive relationships while some other people are actually conscious of the fact that they are in abusive relationships but they have the mindset that if they leave their partner because of a little act of violence every now and  then, they do not know how badly or worse their next partner maybe. Some people believe that they deserve to be treated that way, they think that if they did not do things to annoy their partner, their spouse will not have  reacted in a violent way.

Tips to Keep and Maintain a Relationship

Tips to Keep and Maintain a Relationship

After finally getting the love of your life, you need to know of how to keep your relationship interesting. You need to know how to keep things rolling and how to make things work. Many people fall out of love, some could not endure the challenges in their relationship and over time they end up drifting away from their spouse. Contributions should be made by both partners in their quest of having a lasting relationship.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Snooping in a Relationship

Why People Snoop On Their Partners

Snooping on one's partner is always a major issue in relationships. This can be done by checking your partners call logs and messages, stalking your partner especially on social networks(read more about networking here), checking their Facebook wall , time line or DM on twitter, checking their Instagram page for the posts they like and

How To Behave On a First Date

How To Behave On Your First Date

Many people do not know how to behave on their first date. The decision to go on a date - lunch or dinner, is based on some atom of likeness for that person, no matter how small it may be. A guy cannot ask a lady out on a date and a lady cannot accept the proposal just to waste each others time. So, going on a first date with someone should be done with caution because it takes a second to create or destroy one's impression. You have to act well so as to give room for subsequent dates and the opportunity to take the relationship to a next level. This article is not one-sided as both genders will be addressed.

How to Make Close Friends

 how to make new friends

We all realize that friendship is something to be thankful for. But do we really realize that friends have an immense impact on your quality and personal happiness? Great friends calm anxiety and relieve stress, give comfort and joy, avert loneliness and boredom, and even increase your overall well-being. Notwithstanding their importance, close friendships don't just happen. A number of us struggle to meet new friends and create quality associations. Even when we're willing to invest the energy and effort, we don't often know how to go about it. However, whatever your age or circumstances, its never past the point where it is possible to make new friends or reconnect with old ones. These tips can help you.

How to Handle a Cheating Spouse or Partner : 8 Steps

Handling a Cheating partner

Do you have trust issues with your partner? How did you feel when you realized your partner is not or has not been faithful to you? Do you love your partner so much that you felt ending the relationship is not the option? Do you still feel you can make things work out between you both? If yes, here are some steps that might help you handle the issue at hand.


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