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How to Have A Good and Healthy Communication with Your Partner

The Role of Communication In A Relationship

The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized. This is because it keeps a relationship going. When two people from different backgrounds, tribes and religions come together to be in a relationship, there is need for communication to enable you have an idea of your spouse’s perspective of things.Communication can be defined as the transfer of information from one person to another.

How to Know if He is the One

How to Know He is the One

Many women  are in relationships and they really wish that the person they are dating is the one they will get married to. There is no girl that loves jumping from relationship to relationship. But the sad truth is not all men are husband materials. Some guys do not even feel the idea of marriage, but you are there busy hoping that one day you will get married to him and even though you see the signs, you will turn a blind eye to it and keep thinking that he will get better later. Many men, because of their nature are not always on the same page with their

How to Bring Back the Spark in Your Relationship

Ways To Re-ignite your relationship

Are you in the turbulent time of your relationship? Do you feel bored with your partner? Have you ever wondered what happened to your former relationship, why it collapsed and why you opted out? Is your partner still your soul mate? Do you think of breaking up with your partner for a new relationship? Are you the type that gets fed up easily with a partner? If you leave this present relationship, what is the probability that history won't repeat itself? You do not have to leave your present relationship but instead work on the issues causing crisis because the person you were head over

5 Tips For Creating a Good Relationship With Your Roommates

How to Maintain Good Relations with Your Roommate

We all live with people around us. Are you a student that lives in the same room with one or two other people? Do you have flat mates? are you living with a friend? a close or distant family members? Do you find it hard to pay for your rent thus leaving you no choice than to accommodate a stranger or a friend in order to split bills? Are you facing accommodation problem, do you squat, float or move around friend's places at night? Are you even considering of having a roommate? It is true that many people are in different situations that result to them having a roommate. Living or sleeping in the same room with another person is not easy.

How To Handle A Long Distance Relationship

How To Handle A Long Distance Relationship

Distance in a relationship can be very difficult to handle especially in a relationship where there was no form of distance from the beginning and suddenly the distance happens. There are so many things that cause distance. For example, when one of the partners is transferred to another state because of a job or when one of the partners has to go out of the country for education and the other party remains in the country.


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