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How To Know If She Is The One

Signs That Shows She Is Right For You

An article on “How to know if He is the One” was written on how  to help the females know if they are with the right person. It will be unfair if the guys cannot also figure out if they are with the right person or not because a good partner whether male or female is hard to find especially in this our generation. Apart from the inner conviction you will have if you are with the right person, you might need some other signs to know if you are with the right woman for you or not. Women differs from each other and it is now difficult to know the ones that are serious with the relationship. So to the males, if you are wondering if your partner is

How To Know You Are In The Friendzone

How To Know If You Are Just Friends with Someone You Love

Most of the time, we do not even know how we get into the friend zone because even though we are doing things to prevent us from being zoned, we still end up being zoned some of the time. People  try as much as possible not to be friend zoned by the person  they like and want to start a relationship with and sometimes people get mixed signals so they actually cannot even figure out if they have been friend zoned or not.  It is not only guys that get friend zoned, even ladies get zoned by the man that they like but it is the males who get zoned most of the time and by the time they realize that they have been zoned, they are already deep into the friend zone which make it impossible and late

How To Spot Fake Friends

How to Tell Fake Friends From Real Friends

We live in the world where we cannot live in isolation. The people around us determine our ways of life, lifestyle and they add to our values. It is important to have healthy relationship with friends and families. A person that is surrounded with fake friends is in midst of foes, he or she will be affected negatively and progress will be hindered. We should be careful of who we move with, the people we roll with and those we tell our secrets to. Some people are wolves in sheep's clothing who move around and snoop on their friends. They pretend to be good when they are not. All their ambitions are to ruin their friends, reputations and progress. It is very easy to spot fake friends.

Understanding the Five Kinds of Love Language

What are the 5 Love languages

We express love in different ways and expect to be loved differently. Those we love sometimes might not know the language we understand best when it comes to expressing their love. What they might be doing might be "off points" to us. Their own way of saying "I love you" might be different from ours. The reason is because we have different languages of expressing love. There are five common love languages, which are words of affirmation, gifts, act of service, quality time and touch. There is need to understand the language our partner speaks to have a long-lasting and romantic relationship. 

Why and How You Should Break up a Relationship

 Things to Consider before Breaking up

Relationships cannot always go right or follow our desired ways. We, as human beings proposes but God disposes. We are just doing our best not knowing what the future holds. You might have started a relationship well, hoping it lasts forever but things may later go wrong along the way. Breaking up should not be done carelessly or without any feel of human nature. Before discussing the right way to end a relationship without hurting the other person, we should know few of the good reasons or platforms on which break up should be based.

Relationship Barriers; Educational and Social Class Barriers

Effect of Different Social Class on a relationship

Being or wanting to go into a relationship with someone with different educational status can be a bit challenging to handle. If you are well educated and your partner is a semi or a stark illiterate, how do you intend to cope? Can love cover that gap? Well, love can cover all differences but when it comes to one partner being ignorant, that love can shake. Some people do not enter a relationship with someone that do not have the same or close qualification as them while some people do not mind. Despite this, it is no longer common nowadays,

6 Ways To Handle Crisis In Your Relationship

6 Ways To Handle Crisis In Your Relationship

When you get into a relationship, you should have it at the back of your mind that there will always be ups and downs from time to time especially after the ‘honeymoon’ phase is over, that is when you will begin to see things clearly and you will be more realistic about the relationship. A relationship is not always going to be rosy. No matter how sweet or smooth your relationship is, there will be times when things may not be so smooth.  Most relationships go through rough phases especially long relationships, because you have been with this person for a long time and the sparks in the relationship will no longer be there. This does not mean that the relationship has to end or that your partner does not love you


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