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Cultism in Nigerian Schools; Effects and Possible Solutions

Reasons Why People Join Secret Cults

A secret cult can be defined as an organization of which people come together to pledge their allegiances, under an oath and have a social bond of commitment and dedication for the good of the organization. Their activities are kept secret- thus the name “secret cult”, and kept away from other members of the society or non-members of the group. Secret cults carry out their meetings when people are not aware of, especially during the odd-hours and far

Common Social Vices In Schools : Causes, Effects & Solutions

Common Social Vices, Bad Behaviours and Imoral Acts

It is rare to find a school or an institution void of social vices. This depicts that they are present in all educational centers - Primary, Secondary & Tertiary. Vice is from a Latin word 'vitium' meaning defect or failing. It is defined as a bad habit or immoral activities. Vices are common among young males and females, examples include prostitution, indecent dressing, robbery, cultism, pocket picking, drug addiction, examination malpractice, hooliganism, thuggery, gambling, smoking, pre-marital sexual activities and rape. Social vices are bad traits, unhealthy and negative

Effects Of Social Media On Education

Effects of Social Media on Students

The reading habits of students have been washed down the drain as a result of the emergence of technology and advent of social media. Reading is the essential factor that forms the foundation of greatness in everyone's life irrespective of gender, status and age. It helps to develop an individual and is also important when trying to pass an examination. One of the major reason for the dwindling rate at which students read is due to the introduction of phones, computers, laptops and the wrong usage of all forms of communication technology. Social media and its networks such as BBM, WHATSAPP, Instagram,

Falling Standard of Education in Nigeria

No chairs for pupils to sit and learn

Education is the fulcrum of the nation's development. It is the foundation upon which all other sectors are built. If the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do?  The foundation of the Nigeria's Education is weak and if nothing else done to rebuild it, the hope of our unborn children cannot be guaranteed. The educational structure of Nigeria has experienced earthquake, only the crumbs are left. Gone are the days of free and quality education. Corruption has eaten up the country, National budget allocated to the educational sector is reducing day by day. The little amount of money available is developing unseen wings and flying out of the nation's pocket.

Advantages of Private Schools Over Public Schools

Advantages of Private Schools Over Public Schools

Parents find it hard to decide on which school to enroll their children. They find themselves in a dilemma of choosing the best school for their children; they do not know which is better and the one that will make aid the academic performance of their wards. There are certain factors to consider when deciding which is better, such as the class sizes in the schools, academic quality, the availability of experienced teachers, discipline and extra-curricular activities. These factors are put into consideration when choosing schools for wards. Due to the poor education standard in Nigeria, some parents prefer the private schools to public schools. On the other hand, some parents, because of financial incapability, do not have any choice but to enroll their children in government schools. 

Nuclear Family Members and Their Roles

What is Nuclear Family

Family could be nuclear or extended. A nuclear family comprises of the father, mother and children while the extended family consists of many nuclear families, grandparents and other blood relatives such as the cousins, uncles, aunts, nephew and niece. The extended family is like a compound household. This article is focused on the nuclear family.In a Nuclear family the children could be biological or adopted. The father is the head of the household in a patriarchal society while the mother is the economic head in matriarchal societies. Children are the seeds or fruits of marriage and are catered for by the parents.  Each member of the family has his or her own responsibilities and roles.


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