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Categories of People Responsible For Mass Failure in Examinations

Different People Responsible For Examination Mass Failure

Mass failure is no more news in our ears, we hear of it almost every day. When examination results are being released, massive failure follows.The question now is “who are the major people responsible for the massive failure in examination?” Students, parents, government, the school and other people are responsible for the high rate of failure in Nigeria. Thus, all the bodies responsible for the educational sector need to be reviewed. There is need for students to change their attitude towards their studies and all other factors affecting their success need to be dealt with. No stone should be left unturned when curbing the massive failure rate among students. Three major people; students,

War Against Examination Malpractice

Cheating during exam

Examination malpractice is no more news in our country. Students believe that their success is not possible without engaging in this act. This practice is found everywhere and in all institutions. Primary school pupils now look over their friend's shoulders to copy during examination. Secondary and Tertiary school students are experts in this area. There is always a means to cheat devised by student. The different forms of illegal actions during examination include bringing in micro chips into exam halls, writing answers on body parts, impersonation, asking friends for answers, extending the length of

The Importance of Sex Education In Children

Understanding the Importance of Sex Education

Sex education is the process of teaching the young ones, teenagers and teens about sexuality, their body changes , relationship  and all what they need to know to prepare them for the future. Educating a child about sex is important and should start before the puberty stage. Sex education is always seen as a sensitive topic to be discussed with children and if care is not taken, it can mislead a child. It is surprising that children, teenagers and youth now know

Bureaucracy In Formal Oganisations

Main Features of Bureaucracy

Most of our work places are formal organizations, which are guided by bureaucracy. A formal organisation is the one that is formally established for the purpose of achieving set goals through collective efforts. A formal organisation is created for the purpose of making profits; that is, it is business oriented. All formal organisations are run by bureaucracy. Bureaucracy means rule of office from the words “rule” and“cracy”. We are dominated by bureaucracy right from the birth (health institution), to the family upbringing (social welfare), to school (education), to work (civil) , to worship and then to death (religion institution)

Studying Abroad: Advantages and Disadvantages

Studying Abroad

Is the level of education in Nigeria motivating students to study here? Should students travel out of the country for better education? Will they still uphold their morals and values if they study abroad? Will the aim of sending them overseas be achieved? Parents and guardians are usually faced with these questions anytime they consider sending their wards out of the country for studies.

No Excuse for Ignorance

No Excuse for Ignorance

What is Ignorance?
Ignorance, they say, is the greatest disease. It is from two Latin words - 'in' which means 'not' and 'gnarus' meaning 'knowing'. Literally, ignorance means 'not knowing'. It is the condition of being uninformed, uneducated and unaware of the happenings in a place. It is the lack of understanding, learning, knowledge and knowing things that should be known. An ignorant man is like a blind and deaf man walking on a busy road. Ignorance is may be believed in some instances to be synonymous to stupidity, but that is wrong. To be stupid means to lack in intelligence or exhibit behaviours that lack intelligence.

Choosing the Right Career

Choosing the right career

Career is derived from a French word "carriere" which means ’race course' or 'road', which in turn is from a Latin word "carrus" which means wagon. Career is a person's occupation and profession; one’s calling in life that involves formal training or education. It is a lifelong course, a learning process and work an individual engage in all through his or her life time.


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