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Effect of Frequent Change of School On a Child's Academic Performance

 Disadvantages of Changing Schools

Children change schools due to many reasons which might be personal or not. Such factors include expulsion of a student from a school, poor education standard and poor academic performance, changing to a better institution, the need to live with other people/members of the family, migration of the whole household from one place to another, occupational mobility, search for good standard of living, natural disaster, war, famine, poverty, divorce among others. Moving to a new school is challenging and can affect the performance of a child. But if proper precautions are taken, the effects can be reduced.

Child Labour : A Threat To A Child's Success

 Child Labour In Nigeria

Child labour is the work children engage in that hinders their schooling and development. It could also be defined as harmful and strenuous work children engage in. Child labour could be in form of child slavery, child trafficking, forced labour, child bondage, and prostitution, the use of children as drug-carriers, sex objects and for pornography production. In Nigeria, child labour is the employment of a child under the age of 18.There are some works children engage in that does not stand as threats to them but rather as means of survival, learning and development of skills and sense of

Funny Things Students Do During Examination Period

 How examination Affects Students

Examination is a formal way of testing the capabilities, skills and knowledge of students by asking them questions and expecting them to answer wihout them having access to their textbooks or notes. Exams could be in various forms, it could be oral, written, theory, essay, multiple choice format, it could also be on a paper or computer. Examination is very important in student's educational career, success and promotion. Passing an examination is an achievement and a means of climbing the academic ladder, reaching the top and an avenue for going higher in one's career. Many students’

Understanding What Science Means (Physical Science Versus Social Science)

Difference Between Physical Science And Social Science

There is a wrong notion of what science is. People focus on technology, inventions, computer, waves and some disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics when they hear the word 'science'. This is not totally true because science transcends scientific disciplines, discoveries and inventions. Science is derived from a Latin word 'Scientia' which means knowledge advancement. It is the system of acquiring and advancing knowledge which is attained through study or practice. Any intellectual activity carried out by humans in order to discover information about the natural world is

Educate A Female Child And Empower A Nation

 Educating A Female Child (Gender Inequality)

Gender inequality has eaten up many nations. It is found in every institutions and in all spheres of life. We have gender inequality in the family, religious houses, political world and even in the education realm. Gender inequality is the unequal treatment given to individuals based on their gender or sex. It is obvious that even in homes, boys are preferred to girls; the female gender is being subordinated by the male gender everywhere. This is one of the major problems that confront women and girls in the society. They are being discriminated against in education, politics, labour markets,

Types and Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Causes of Suicide

Suicide is an act where a person kills his or herself intentionally or a deliberate act of taking one’s life by the individual.  We hear of suicide rate everyday and it is a common social phenomenon in the world today. Suicide could be egoistic, altruistic, fatalistic or anomic.  Egoistic suicide is committed as a result of lack of integration into the society. People that commit this type of suicide are those that alienate themselves from friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues. They are the introverts that do not mix or relate with people, thereby find it difficult to cope when challenges arise. Due to the nature of our society, we cannot do without problems, failures and issues.

Enrolling Your Child In A Boarding School : The Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Of Boarding School

A boarding school is a school where the students and teachers live together in a safe environment where accommodation and meals are provided. Well behaved and godly teachers serve as house masters and mistresses. Mature students especially those in final classes and prefects also assist house masters & house mistresses, patrons and matrons act as guardians who monitor the activities of students. Parents entrust the safety and welfare of their wards to these guardians. Pupils and students are referred to as 'boarders'. They go to their various homes during holidays, mid-terms breaks


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