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Ten (10) Common Terminologies Used in Organsations

Ten Major Terminologies Used In Work Organisation

There are various sectors in Nigeria. They include health, economy, religious, political, industrial among others. All these various components have concepts or terminologies specific to them. There is a need to have a full understanding of these concepts so as to avoid misinterpretation and misuse. Work organization is an interesting one in that those outside the organization may not know the words or concepts used by the in-group members.

Knowing More About Job Satisfaction

How To Increase Worker’s Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is the feeling a worker has towards his or her job. This can also be defined as the rate of happiness, joy and contentment an individual has towards his or her source of income. Some workers like their jobs while others do not. Those that love their work have high job satisfaction while those who do not derive contentment with their job have no or low job satisfaction. The income, wages or salaries attached to a job does not always determine the level of satisfaction. Some people with high wages are not satisfied with what they are doing while some with low income feel satisfied and happy with their work. There are two values associated with work satisfaction.

The Importance Of Parental Support On Education

Parental Support and Child's Education

Parental involvements in school activities have a positive impact on academic performance. It is very important for parents to be involved in the education of their children from the start. Parents are primary educators of children as they have the greatest influence on them right from childhood to adulthood. Teachers’ roles come in to play when the children start schooling. In this sense, both the parents and teachers are the important educators in a child's life. They help to develop the child's intellect and social life.

7 Tips to Pass an Examination Without Hurdles

7 Ways Of Passing Examination Without Hurdles

We have to understand that we have the whole of our life to study, but sometimes have few months to prepare for examinations. This solely calls our attention to the fact that we must concentrate on what our examiners want and give them what they want back the exact things we were being  taught in class  during examinations. Although it is good to widen our horizon by making different kinds of researches so as to get good grades but despite this we must still be in line with what we are being taught

5 Tips to Help You Control Your Anger

Anger Management: Tips and Techniques

We have emotions, ego and feelings that can be hurt by people around us. There is no how we will live with people without being offended. We offend people in our day to day activities and therefore should expect disappointment and offences from others. Getting angry is normal but can be dangerous to overall health, mind and relationship with others when not controlled. There is a great need to watch our temper and reduce the way we express our anger when wronged. The violent and hot-tempered people can work on their emotions with time because anger management is not a day’s work.

Ways People Choose Their Partners

How People Choose Their Life Partners

In the olden days, the choice of future partner is mainly done by the parents and family members. Some even betrothed their children right from their childhood. During this era, the young man that is attracted to lady will not go through her directly but instead go through his friend or her friend. This person is called “alarina” in the Yoruba culture. He or she will serve as intermediary between the man and the woman. They deliver messages, love and marriage intents. The reason why the intending couples were not always seen together was to prevent pre-marital sexual relationship. Virginity was held high and any woman who turned out not to be a virgin will be publicly disgraced and sent to her parent’s house.


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