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The Effect of Toning And Bleaching On The Skin

How Toning And Bleaching Affect Our Skin

To bleach means to become fairer than the original skin colour. Many people hide under the word "toning" instead of bleaching. Toning is still bleaching, either a dark person turning to "oyinbo" or a fair person trying to become fairer. Some people, due to insecurity tone or bleach to remove black spots on their skin or to look fresh and more appealing to the eyes of opposite sex. Both toning and bleaching processes change the skin cells producing "melanin" and also stops its production. This melanin pigment is derived from the amino acid tyrosine, which

Common Sexually Transmitted Disease And Infections (STD & STI)

common Sexually Transmitted disease

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are  infections gotten from sexual intercourse. They are passed from one person to another during sexual acts including the oral and anal sex. STIs become STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) when they start showing symptoms. The symptoms rear their ugly heads faster in men than in women. Some are easy to cure while some are difficult and may lead to sterilityor infertility in both sexes, miscarriages in pregnancy and other reproductive problems. Every sexually active individual is exposed to these infections. They are numerous but the common ones will be covered in this

Meaning And Tips On How To Maintain A Good Personal Hygiene

Care of the mouth, nose, eyes, hand, nails and skin

Hygiene is synonymous to cleanliness. Thus, personal hygiene refers to the care of the body. The human body can serve as host of diseases and germs which can get into the body through the openings on our body, thereby affecting our health. Good personal hygiene reduces the chances of falling ill and contacting diseases. The external parts of the body, which includes the skin, mouth, ear, nose, eyes, hands, fingers, hair and others, need to be taken care of.

Understanding The Meaning Of Traditional And Herbal Medicine

 What is Traditional  And Herbal Medicine

Traditional medicine also known as herbal or alternative medicine include various health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating medicines from plants, animals, spiritual therapies, medical foods, manual techniques and exercise. It refers to all practices designed to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being that are based on the beliefs practiced before the emergence of scientific medicine. According to WHO, traditional medicine is defined as the sum total of all knowledge and practices whether explicable or not used in the diagnosis, prevention and elimination of

The Miraculous Works of Moringa Oleifera Plant

The Miraculous Works Moringa Plant

Moringa is no longer new to some people but it is still strange to few people . But it is worthy to say Moringa is a plant known to many, whether in their own language or simply as “Moringa”. Some call it different names, like “wonder plant”, “miracle plant” . Moringa plant belongs to the Family “Moringaceae” and Genus” Moringa”, and up to 13 species have been identified. The name is derived from the word murungail/muringa, the Tamil or Malayalam word for drumstick.

Health, Illness, Disease and Sickness: Understanding What They Really Mean

Defining illness,sickness and disease

Health, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), is the total physical, mental and social well-being and not the mere absence of disease and infirmity. Being healthy is encompassing as it is the physical, social, mental and emotional well being of an individual and not limited to the freedom from illness, sickness or disease.


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