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Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery; Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic and cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery is defined as the medical practice that alters the body form. Plastic here means reshaping or sculpting and is derived from the German word “plastike" which is interpreted as the art of modeling malleable flesh. Cosmetic surgery is not synonymous to plastic surgery, although, both can be used interchangeably because they are related. Both tend towards body enhancement. The difference is this: cosmetic surgery can be done to all parts of the body to improve physical appearance, beauty, body proportion or perfecting the structure of the body. Examples are nose, chin and face lift,

Abortion And Miscarriage; Meaning, Causes And The Risks Associated With Them

Causes Abortion And Miscarriages

Abortion also known as "pregnancy termination" is when a pregnancy is ended or forced out to hinder the birth of the child. It is the deliberate act of removing an undeveloped foetus or embryo out of the womb. The termination of an unborn child can be deliberate or accidental. The deliberate removal is termed "induced abortion" while the accidental removal is known as "miscarriage". Miscarriage or pregnancy loss is the natural loss of an embryo before it becomes independent and mature. It is associated with vaginal bleeding which may be painful or not.

Mental Illness; Causes, Effect And Solution

Effects and Solution of Madness

There is a difference between Mental ill-health and Mental illness. Mental ill-health is the general condition experienced by everyone in stressful situations or when faced with awful experience(s) like the death of loved ones. Examples of behaviours exhibited include sleeplessness, mood swings and lack of concentration. These behaviours are natural and fade away with time. Mental illness on the other hand is the condition that affects a person's cognitive, reasoning, thinking, mood and relationship with others and with their daily activities. Mental health is the psychological and emotional well-being.

Common Menstrual Disorders: Causes and Solutions

Common Menstrual Disorders: Causes and Solutions

Menstruation, also known as menses or period is the monthly flow of blood from the vagina. Normally, menstruation occurs in puberty and ends later in life, averagely between the ages 45 and 60. Menstruation disorders are the abnormalities in the monthly flow of blood in a woman. Naturally, menstruation tends to be irregular at the beginning (menarche) and the end of menstruation (menopause). Irregularities that set in apart from these two reasons range from the absence of blood to high flow of blood. Other disorders include the irregular flow of blood or a skip in period, the discharge of foul smell during the bleeding, intense and disturbing stomach ache or the interval bloodshed.

The Importance Of Food, Water, Sleep And Exercise To Your Health

The Importance Of Food, Water, Sleep And Exercise To Your Health,

Lots of things are important to inculcate if we want to keep fit and healthy. Good food, clean water, enough rest or siesta and exercise help to refresh the body and protect the body against diseases. Food is the substance consumed or drunk to provide nutrient, energy and growth for the body. It could be of animal or plant source which also helps to repair worn-out tissues.  Food is eaten by animals, man and absorbed by plants. Food provides the body with carbohydrate, protein, mineral salt, fat and oil, vitamins and water. Carbohydrate, protein and fats are greatly needed by the body and thus

How The Environment Affects Our Health

How the Environment affects Our Health

This branch of health is concerned with the physical, chemical and biological external factors affecting health. It includes having the knowledge of the effects these hazards pose on man, animals and the environment, and also the necessary remedies. The topic can be studied under two broad divisions: pollution and natural disasters. Natural disasters are the adverse events that results from the displacement of the earth. They include earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, flood and others. Natural disasters degrades the ecosystem, change the environment, lead to loss of lives of man


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