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The Importance of Water to Your Health and Body

The Importance Of Water To Human Health

There are some factors that dictate the amount of water the body needs. A practical example is the climate. The climate condition of where you live dictates the amount of water needed. For example, those in the sunny areas like the northern part of Nigeria, gets dehydrated faster and their water intake is much and higher than those in the temperate areas. Other factors that determine the amount of water taken include the activities someone engage in, sport activities or health conditions.

7 Tips On How To Live a Healthy Life

7 Tips On How To Live Healthy

To live with good health is easy and at the same time requires special attention.  Living in diseases, illness or sickness are challenging and disrupt activities. It is uncalled for to spend income on sickness when one can avoid falling sick in the first place. All aspects of our lifestyles need to be reviewed to know whether we are living well or moving towards good health. Attention should be given to all areas starting from the food eaten, personal hygiene, daily life activities, our environment to the psychological and mental health. Nobody is expected to be deprived of good health. Children,youths, adults, men and women are entitled to and should live in good health. There are some ways of life essential to the overall body health of human being, some  of which are discussed in this article.

How Modern Medicine Came Into Nigeria

How Modern Medicine Came into Nigeria

Before the advent of the European rule, Nigerians relied solely on indigenous medicine (read more about traditional Medicine here), which is peculiar to each culture, based on the illness or disease paramount to the culture. This is why traditional medicine in Nigeria is not uniform. Then, we had a well established medical system that uses the "Ifa" system to investigate the causes of illness and their

Occupational Diseases And Illness; 4 Different Occupation Case Study

Four Work-Related Disease

There are some diseases and illness that an individual can contact at work. This means that some diseases are occupational in the sense that a healthy worker can become unhealthy due to his or her occupation. Some factors present in an occupation can expose a worker to some risks. The environment, physical factor, chemical composition, health factors and the psychological exposure to a worker can affect his or her health. Poor working conditions and lack of preventive measures are the most important causes of job related diseases. some occupation and its peculiar disease or illness are discussed below

The Traditional Medical System In China

Chinese Traditional Medicine types

The traditional medical system practised in China is quite interesting. It is good we go out of Africa to see how other people practise their herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient system of health care in China and has been in practised for about 3,000 years ago. The earlier Chinese physicians are philosophers and their ways of viewing the world affected their medicine because to them, the human body is seen as a smaller version of the universe. They are seen more of an adviser. Their medicine is based on harmony with nature and balance with moderation and prevention.

Common Cold: Meaning, Symptoms and Its Effects On Health

Common Cold: Meaning, Symptoms and Its Effects On Health

As much as it is not anyone’s prayer or happiness to be in sickness. They are some slight ills we experience due to the seasons of nature. Currently in Nigeria, we are experiencing the rainy season which is characterized by large amount of rainfall leading to symptoms such as common cold, cough, catarrh, etc. Nigeria, which experiences an average precipitation (that is, cloud formation) in depth as measured by the World Bank in 2011 at 1150 (mm per year). The variety experienced in this country in weather and seasons led to the inquiry of a rampant illness – the common cold. Some have been longing to know what the causes, symptoms and prevention are, while others have wondered if common cold is actually different from influenza or if they are the same.

Traditional Medicine Practitioners

Traditional Medicine Practisioners And Diviners

The traditional medicine practitioners common in this country include the Diviners, Herbalists, traditional Birth Attendants, Traditional Gynecologists, Traditional Orthopedic Doctors or Bone Setters, Traditional Obstetricians and Pediatricians. All of them are known as "Native Doctors" and there is no thin demarcation or differentiation among them. A diviner can also be an herbalist and bone setters, a gynecologist can also be a pediatrician and a birth attendant at the same time.  Each these practitioners are fully discussed


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