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Knowing More About Children Medical Treatment (Paediatric Medicine)

The World of Paediatric Medicine

Paediatrics, a specialty of the medical sciences, is by no overstatement a tasking one. This branch of medicine was developed and practiced formally from about the 19th century. It is the branch of medicine that deals with health and treatment of child diseases right from births to the adolescent stage, and  takes care of all the child's needs from medical to emotional supports. Doctors that specializes in children are called the Paeditricians. There are subset divisions in the practice, which corroborates the broadness of child medicine. 

Dealing with Stress Through Your Diet

Good food for stress

How can you improve your body’s handling of stress through daily nutrition?

Medical researchers have long established a strong link between the body’s stress response and the way a person chooses to nourish their body.

Obviously, if you’re always eating fast food and fatty, high-calorie food your body will not be very happy with the excess salt, fat and preservatives present in your diet.

10 Reasons why you should do your Eye checkup

Reasons why you should do your Eye checkup

Eye examinations should be a regular part of your health check-up regime. Try to fix up an appointment every 6 months with your ophthalmologist. Take up some preventive measures before your vision gets affected. 
Eye test is not a mere routine of reading out the eye test chart. They are a very good means to keep a check on your vision acuity and any other underlying health conditions. If you are still not convince to book your appointment yet, then below are some reasons which we have listed out which you might take into considerations to agree with us.



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