Differences between Mental and physical stress

Mental Stress Versus Physical Stress

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Mental stress Versus Physical stress
Case Scenario
I got home early today, around 6:30pm to be precise, i noticed that i am more tired and exhausted than my normal days when i get home by 9:00pm which is the average time a lagosian gets home due to traffic congestion, even though most of us close from work by 5pm. on some days it even gets as bad as 10pm, (u don’t need to pity us, it is part of us already, stress no dey kill nigerian man…hahaha….ok back to topic
Literature Review (lols)
Getting home early by 6:30pm, I noticed that i was really exhausted. On a scale of 1-10, my exhaustion score was like 17… lols…. i was really tired, so tired that i could barely feel hungry, don’t get me wrong, i was really hungry. But the feeling from the exhaustion overshadowed my hunger like the way Jevinik soup usually overshadow its eba or semo (sorry.. i used to stay in Port-harcourt, i used to frequent a resturant there called jevinik, guys if you see the quantity of soup Jevinik go give you to take chop one small Eba or Semo, my brother you go fear fear…..ooooops……back to the topic.)
Research Methodology (sorry I can’t stop being a clown)
Lying down on my bed thinking about my day, I was not able to pin-point exactly what made me so exhausted today, especially today that I got home almost 4 hours earlier than usual. After some minutes of thinking and perusing, i came up with my hypothesis that mental stress is far more exhausting than physical stress, (at least it seems so to me)
I didn’t come to the conclusion just like that, ( most people that know me personally or has read some of my blogs know that I tend to be more logical than emotional in doing things). I actually tried recalling what happened throughout my day, from the moment I woke up till the moment I got home, the only logical conclusion that I could hold accountable for my exhaustion was the fact that I got a free ride home from my friend,( his name is lanre….i had to mention his name just to get back at him for……….nothing…lols….he actually didn’t do anything to me….i just wanted to mention his name cause I know he is going  to smile whenever he reads this piece).
He was also in company of one of his friend ( trying really hard to remember the friend’s name…but it’s just not coming, i should remember before the i finish writing this piece)  like the young happening and funny guys that we are, all we did throughout the one hour plus drive was gist and laugh out hard, when I say hard, I mean reallllllly hard. We gisted about a whole lot of things ranging from women, to relationship, to hungry naija babes, to hustling life in Nigeria, e.t.c. We talked and laugh about anything and everything we could lay our thought on, it was really a remarkable hour, (thinking of it now, it’s been long since I laugh that hard).
This vigorous and hearty discussion really drained me mentally than I anticipated ( definitely obvious from the way am lying down like someone that consumed 18 wraps of Fufu…hmmmmmm….talking of Fufu reminds me of my girlfriend….but that’s a story for another day ).
My normal day entails a lot of physical stress like; waking up as early as 4:45 am; leaving home for work as early as 5:15am; hopping from one danfo bus to another just to get to work; e.t.c ( for those who know lagos well, at the time of writing this story, i was working at snake island…..yes, SNAKE ISLAND… you heard me right, the venue of the first season of gulder ultimate search, that was my work location, that is where I go every day from Ojodu, for your information snake island is after Apapa, after you get to Apapa, you then board a boat or ferry going to snake island).
Results and Discussion
Now you see how physically stressful my normal day is, but this day in question, I did not go to snake island, I went for a meeting at Lagos island. ( that was why I was able to get a free ride from lanre who work at Silverbird Malls) and yet I was totally more exhausted than I had ever felt from being stressed physically. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as if I don’t get stressed from the vigorous physical activities associated with my getting and coming back from work,( not to mention my trekking  of about 10 kilometres in the sun everyday from site to site which is actually my work….KILLING RIGHT!!!!!….lol….i survived…but that’s a story for another day). The point is that the exhaustion I felt that day through mental exhaustion was far more than the exhaustion I get from being stressed physically.
Conclusion and Recommendation ( Now am over doing it, lols, I cant help it)
Any way like I said earlier, it was just a hypothesis, I may be wrong, I may be right it could just be peculiar to just me. So what your opinion concerning this, 
feel free to drop your comment, the comment field is not for decoration….lols

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