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Self Confidence Based On Appearance

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I remember  a job interview I attended with a hairstyle that didn’t look official, although it was presentable.  One of the interviewer on the panel  got interested about the hairstyle, and I had to explain to her that the hairstyle does not require combing and some other stuffs and she was like WOW, REALLY??????!!!!!!!!

It was later when I got home that I realised that she was actually checking my confidence level with the questions she was asking, and shortly after we had been shortlisted,  myself and the  co_interviewee’s were discussing and they all passed the comment that ” this babe, you really get mind for you to have come to an interview with that hairstyle”.
Then I realised that self confidence based on appearance is mainly a mind thing. Confidence depends on someone’s personal thoughts and perceptions about the way we look. If an individual can change the way he/she think about his/her appearance,then the individual’s confidence level will change.

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