The Pursuit of Money in Lagos

A Typical Lagos lifestyle

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Lagos Life /Lagos Life Style . 
It is a norm, a standard of life, anytime, any day in our noble industrious town Lagos, to be stressful. It is the food and the water we drink, it is normal to us. Leaving home very early in the morning all in pursuit of daily bread but to reach home late in the night very tired. Sleeping in the vehicle a usual act for the people of Lagos.
It is not always easy for a new person to join the trend if  they are not ready to adjust because it is really stressful. This trend of life has put a lot of family in a big mess because parent no longer have time for their children again, the children are left in the hands of guardians and maids. These guardians and maids only teach them what they know, some even went ahead to maltreat these young ones. Some children only see their parents during weekends. How do you see that, is this not bad?, very bad a life. 
Finally, I think we should pounder upon this life style and re-adjust. I know we have heard 
several times about one or two families that maid kidnapped their children and some are maltreated almost up to the point of death, if not through God’s intervention a lot of families would have been in everlasting sorrow due to the death or their children missing because they forget or neglect their duties in  pursuit of money

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