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Marriage, God’s own Institution

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Marriage is an institution ordained by God, the smallest unit of institution called FAMILY, a place where everyone in the society spring forth from. No matter how large a community is today, it originated from a home. Each of us is a product of a family. No matter the SUCCESS you achieve today in a big organisation, you will still be traced back to the smallest unit of institution call Family and that is the reason each one of us have a name which in a way speaks of where we come from.
More so, it is the coming together of mature young man and a young woman/lady to become one and live together for the rest of their life as husband and wife, for better for worse, till death do them apart. It is very important to God because the building of every family starts from there. It is the Heart of God. The heartbeat of God that He (God) wishes it works anytime, anywhere, any day as long as the world remains. (Genesis 2:18-25).
Furthermore, marriage is worth enjoying, a peaceful abode for couple, a home adorn for better togetherness but has been attacked by the enemy of Marriage (The Devil) coupled with ignorance, (Gen. 3:1-19). Please be wise so as not to be deceived. Guide your heart with all diligence so that your life and marriage will not ship wreck. 
Below are the Marriage tips that can make our marriages work.
1. Make God first in our life and marriage.
2. Love: the four major types of love ( Agape, Philoe, Storge, Eros).
3. Determination.
4. Responsibility
5. Sacrifice.
Written by: Olabode Atolagbe.

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