Tips on how to dress well and look attractive

How to Dress Well (For Ladies)

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Dressing requires a lot of creativity and it works best when one knows the colour,body shape,clothing personality and lifestyle that work best on her.

Being well dressed influences other people to see you as competent, capable and smart, as well as helping you feel more confident about yourself.( You can read my blog post on how dressing affects your confidence here)

Tips On How To Dress In order To look Good
1) Shop For The Right Clothes To Make You Look Good: When you are shopping for clothes make sure that you are conscious of how the colour and cuts are going to look on you. For instance bright colours look good on dark complexioned people while dark colours look beautiful on light complexioned people. Same as to people of big size needs clothes that are fitted while for a slim person needs clothes that are free. 
2) Buy The Right Sizes: Always try on clothes before  buying it,only buy clothes that are your exact size.
3) Find The Right Accessories: Dressing requires a lot of creativity, some dressing just need little touch for it to be elegant by adding the perfect accessories like jewelries, belts, shoes ,bags and so on.
4) Always Put Together An Outfit: Keeping colours and outfit in mind does not work all the time. Sample your outfits before getting yourself fully finally dressed prior walking out the front door. 
5) Hair And Make Up: The head is the first part of the body that will be noticed when you appear,so therefore conscious effort must be assigned to the face and hair because it speak more about you.
Finally, smile is the most important thing a woman should have because smile is an inexpensive way to change one’s look. So therefore keep  a smile on your face and always keep your chin up and look straight forward when you are walking.

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