Nigeria, A Country With A Bright Fulture

My Fatherland – Nigeria

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Nigeria! Nigeria!! Nigeria !!!

Nigeria my fatherland,

A country that is blessed,

Flowing with honey and cheese,

One of the most prosperous nations in the whole world.

My place of origin,

My place of birth,

My Fatherland,

The land filled with precious resources, and gifts

One of the nations destined to rule and feed some other nations.


My home, my place of abode,

I have journeyed from nation to nation,

I have found no place like home,

I will do anything to make my home stand tall amidst nations

My place of greatness, my fatherland.


I love my nation, I love my source,

I believe you will surely reach your place of destiny and greatness,

Though troubled, pushed by heavy storm, you shall not fall,

Your breakthrough will amaze the world, you will surprise the world!

She will soon be the cogent and prominent corner stone, Nigeria you are theĀ BEST.

God Bless Nigeria


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