Just A Thin Line between Love and PainJust A Thin Line between Love and Pain


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Most times we  look for love where it doesn’t exist, but I think love is all around us just like every other human feeling. 

The basic difference in love and other emotions we feel is that love is expected to be reciprocated and last forever and the question I keep asking  is “why will someone pay so much attention to you and you don’t even show a bit of affection back”.

Love is a mutual feeling, but when it involves one party alone leaving the other out, it becomes parasitic and then  you feel both pain and love together.

 Some  say they don’t believe in love, well I think they just never felt loved. The society makes us focus majorly on the love that exist between opposite sex and that is what we all search for, that but like I said earlier, love is everywhere we just need to see it and reciprocate it. 

I believe love is painful, because it stirs up different feeling at the same time. It can makes us happy and at the same time can make us sad, it can even make us feel what we have never felt before.

Fathers love their wife and children, wife love their husbands and kids, friends love each other, relationships is all about love and LOVE comes with PAIN. God’s love for human even brought him pain but above all its the greatest feeling of all.


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