Have i started Achieving my Goal this year

Personal Mid-year Appraisal

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At the beginning  of the year , no matter how small it may look some of us made a new year resolution concerning what to drop, do, improve on and achieve for the year. How much of it have you and I been able to achieve? are you still planning and striving to achieve your purpose for the year ? or you have forgotten about them. This blog is written with a purpose to encourage us to continue to strive till we achieve our goal.

What are your goals and how can you achieve your set goals for the year.

Firstly Goals are  the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desire. It may be your aims, objectives, intentions, intent, desire and end product of your efforts. It is very important to have a goal, remember a slogan which says.” he who fail to plan, plan to fail”. Do you have a plan?, how solid is your plan?, do you work towards your plan? , the year is running to a end,” if the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable, please do something. Do you think you cannot achieve anything again this year, strive something good can still come out of you.

Furthermore, even if you have not put up a plan for the year, you can still do something, you may even be saying that you have nothing to offer but there is something to do, may be you don’t even have plan for your life, this is the time to start something. Look inward, your God’s gift /talent, educational upgrade, in-born ability or that skill you have acquired may be your life  turning  point, so hold tight that which is in your hands. Please be purposeful, because purpose gives you direction. Below are some of the points to achieve goals.

Steps to take To Achieve Your Goals.

Know what you want

Make it clear

Write it out

Have a time duration

Pursue it

Be focus

Be determined

Don’t  let life challenges pull you off track.

If the goal is big, that is a long term plan: break it into bits.

After Achievement/ during success, don’t let your achievement/success enter your head

Work hard the more and be more innovative, more determined, to continue being in trend.

Add skill(s) to your skills.

In conclusion, rise to your plans, time is going, it waits for no one, stand for your life and destiny. Make an impact in your generation.

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