How To Stop Living In Sorrow,

Why You Should Stop Living In The Past

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I heard the story of a young lady, a very decent and promising young girl, which all the family members, friends and colleague saw her as the eye of the family and the nation. She is very brilliant, she also teaches her mate, she was envied by her counterparts. She took almost all the prize within her mate at the end of every session. She’s not completely a stranger to the schools around her town because any time her school set out for competitions she made the school proud. People want her as friend. the success enter into her head and she started misbehaving, start moving with bad friends, attending parties, and became wayward, loosing concentration. Every of her mate and teachers started wondering what was going on.
Furthermore, she started feeling sick, having head ache, vomiting and so many other symptoms, after series of tests, she was sampled for pregnancy and tested positive. The principal, teachers  and  Students were disappointed in her,  at this point the school called on her parent that there daughter can no longer continue in the school because she is pregnant. 
The parent felt so bad, she was later expelled from the school. She started blaming herself for all her actions; she lived in sorrow throughout her pregnancy period.  More so, after delivery she continue living in sorrow, the guy who got her pregnant could not take good care of her and her parent are also poor striving to survive. Her school stopped; there is no way to help herself out of the mess. She continues living in pain and agony.
Base on the occurrence she hated men passionately. A certain young man came to her after five years; the young man loved her so much that he was thinking of helping her and also marrying her. After much persistence she gave the guy opportunity to help her, she wrote G.C.E and went to a certain polytechnic where she finished her ND program, she decided not to further again, the breakage has cost her precious time, the man later married her, but it took the man a lot of time and stress before she could come out of the shell of how she view men and life situation because of her past. It took her a lot of input before she could get her life rehabilitated and see something good about life.
LIVING IN THE  PAST  :-  this simply means ability or acting base on the previous life experience. It also means to live in one previous mistakes, to live in pity, living in shame, living in failure, having a negative mentality, having perception that nothing good can happen to one’s life,  ability not to be able to see success and opportunity, it is a dead mentality even while the person lives, a stagnant life style.  It is terrible to live in the past.
Note -Make your research today; almost all who made it today has fail once or twice in the past. You are not the first to fail. But the difference is that they fall and they rose again. They did not let their failure to make them lose hope for life. Michael Faraday, Leonardo de Vinci and so on all experienced failure at some point in their life. But today they are heroes and legends for life. You can also become a Hero and a legend to your world no matter what you have been through before.
Implications of Living in the Past
1.   Growth is retarded or no growth and development
2.   Life become so difficult 
3.   No good idea is welcome
4.   Failure mentality 
5.   Success become a taboo 
6.   Every successful person becomes a suspect 
7.   Nothing is good about life 
8.   A do nothing mentality and lot more 
 How to overcome the past 
1.   Put your past behind you
2.   Living with positive minded people (Environment)
3.   Still believing in yourself and dreams.
4.   Reading books,  articles and write ups and listen and watch tapes, movies that can encourage you moving  forward
5.   Put your trust in God (Pro.3:5) not man
6.   Believe failure is just an event not something  permanent
7.   Don’t limit yourself to failure
8.   Believe success is possible
9.   Believe success do not belong to some set of people or is from a location
10. Work in path of success 
11. Success is sure
In conclusion: – if you can forget about your past failures, be it circular, social, relationship wise, spiritually, mentally, academic wise, in life pursuit and lots more. Success is sure, and you definitely succeed.  Thanks and God bless you all. ENJOY
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