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The Tradition of Female Circumcision

The Tradition of Female Circumcision

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 6,164 total views Female Circumcision is widely known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or Female Cutting. This tradition was practiced in some ethnic groups and religion, has been wiped off by some laws and still in practice in some countries. This act is deeply rooted in the Islamic region; thus, its practice in some Islamic countries. …

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Tradition and Its Importance

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 5,232 total views,  1 views today Tradition is the passing down of the elements of culture such as beliefs and customs, from one generation to another which could be either through oral or written means. A tradition is something that was practiced by forefathers in the past which is now being transferred or handed down to the …

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Culture and Its Characteristics

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 7,986 total views Culture is generally known as the total way of life, the ideas, customs and expected behavior of people in a society. Culture encompasses all aspect of an individual’s life such as the dressing, value, music, art, artifact, language, food, attitude, experience, knowledge, belief, norm, moral. religion that are shared by members of a …

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The Tradition “Virginity” In Yoruba Kingdom

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 10,087 total views,  1 views today Nigeria is a country in West Africa with three distinct tribes- Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa. The Yoruba people occupy majorly the South Western parts of the country but can also be found, although in small population in other parts of the country. These three tribes have different views on sexuality and …

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The Effect and Influence of Colonial Rule on Nigeria’s Culture and Tradition

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 15,224 total views Advantages and Disadvantages of Colonization/Colonial Rule The colonial masters, majorly the Europeans invaded Nigeria in the early 19th century. They introduced many things and displaced the culture and traditions of Nigeria. There was an influx of culture and they dominated almost all areas of Nigerian’s lifestyle. There were change, development, modernization and all sorts …

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Nigeria’s Traditional Rulers

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 7,494 total views,  1 views today Traditional rulers in Nigeria have been in existence even before colonialisation. Even during the colonial rule, the traditional rulers were still on their thrones although with minimal operations. During this period, they were given the opportunity to rule through indirect rule. By this, the colonial masters will give orders directly to …

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Taboos In Nigerian Culture

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 16,076 total views,  2 views today A taboo is an act, action, custom or behaviour that is highly forbidden, prohibited on the basis of sacred social or religious meaning attached to it. Taboo is a Polynesian term ‘tapu’ which means forbidden. It is a universal phenomenon present in all societies. Some are gender-based; some have religious affiliation …

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The Myth of ThunderBolt (Magun) in Nigerian Culture

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 21,279 total views Thunder bolt means “magun” or “edun ara” in the Yoruba culture of Western region of Nigeria. It means “do not climb” in English Language or “iwo ko gbodo gun” in Yoruba Language. Thunderbolt can be traced to the god of Sango- the god of thunder and lightning. Despite the fact that it has …

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