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Ways to Know and Identify a Cult Member or Cultist

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Cultism is a vice and menace to every school and society, it is a threat to innocent and naïve students and members of the society, cultism tries to deceive people into thinking and believing that they need extra protection from the society. 

In an effort to stop and curb cultism, some states in Nigeria are beginning to introduce death and other stringent penalties if found guilty of cultism, many people believe this will curb or at least reduce cultism to the barest minimum in the society. ( Read on Common Social Vices In Schools: Causes, Effects & Solutions )

However, many gullible and innocent students and people still fall victim of harassment of cultists because they were unable to recognize cult members and give them their distance. (Read on Cultism in Schools and The Society; Effects and Possible Solutions)


How and Ways to Identify and Know a Cult Member or Cultist

Below are some ways and pointers you could use in identifying cult members. However someone guilty of one of the pointers does not guarantee that the person is a cultist, but when they have two or more of the pointers attributed to them, there is a high probability that they belong to a cult group, continue reading on how to identify or recognise a cultist below


1. Handshake or Clawing

Special forms of a handshake is a true way of identifying cult members. Cult groups have different types of handshake that may include grabbing of the wrist and or twisting of the fingers, this is also referred to as clawing among cultists. When someone mistakenly handshakes you in such manner, this is a very sure and true indication that the person is a cultist.


2. Dress code

Each and every cult group has their dress code which they can be identified by. When your friend on campus or in the neighbourhood constantly put on clothes of a particular colour, there is a probability that he or she might likely belong to a cult group and you should scrutinize that person more. Also, some cult group do not make use of cloth colours alone, they might throw in some accessories like the handkerchief, hats, hand-band etc. So be on the lookout.


3. Impulsive and Spontaneous Decisions

When someone belongs to a secret cult, they make a lot of impulsive or spontaneous decision, like travelling out of school for few days or weeks without planning it, like suddenly disappearing from a gathering that all of you were eager to go to, if these spontaneous actions become too often, then you should know that you might be dealing with a cultist.


4. Nicknames

Cult or frat members will usually not go by their real name, they have their nicknames which they don’t joke with and don’t allow other people to joke about, they usually see such nicknames as an achievement so it is no child’s play to them, you will hardly see a cult member without a nickname.


5. Customized Language and Slangs

Most cult groups have slangs in which they use in communicating among themselves, only members of such secret cult will understand what those words mean, when you see two people using an unpopular slang and they correspond with other pointers in this article, then you might be dealing with cultists.


6. Suspicious Scars

Some cult groups initiation ceremony include beaten and severe punishment of new members, the beatings are so severe that some new members might lose their life during the initiation process, this brutal initiation process usually leaves scars and wounds on the body of the cult members. These scars are supposed to give the new members confidence and bravery in the group, so a suspicious scar is also an indicator of a person being a cult member.


7. They Usually Form Cliques

Frat or Cult members are bound by oath and blood covenant, a non-member cannot understand them or come in between them, they are like birds of a feather, they flock together. So if you see a particular person constantly in the gathering of known cultist then he or she is likely a cult member


Well these are the ways to know and recognise a cultist, remember, a single pointer does not guarantee or identify the person to be a cultist, but when a person has two or more of this characteristics, the person is likely to be a cultist

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