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Occupational Diseases And Illness; 4 Different Occupation Case Study

Four Work-Related Disease

There are some diseases and illness that an individual can contact at work. This means that some diseases are occupational in the sense that a healthy worker can become unhealthy due to his or her occupation. Some factors present in an occupation can expose a worker to some risks. The environment, physical factor, chemical composition, health factors and the psychological exposure to a worker can affect his or her health. Poor working conditions and lack of preventive measures are the most important causes of job related diseases. some occupation and its peculiar disease or illness are discussed below

Advantages of Private Schools Over Public Schools

Advantages of Private Schools Over Public Schools

Parents find it hard to decide on which school to enroll their children. They find themselves in a dilemma of choosing the best school for their children; they do not know which is better and the one that will make aid the academic performance of their wards. There are certain factors to consider when deciding which is better, such as the class sizes in the schools, academic quality, the availability of experienced teachers, discipline and extra-curricular activities. These factors are put into consideration when choosing schools for wards. Due to the poor education standard in Nigeria, some parents prefer the private schools to public schools. On the other hand, some parents, because of financial incapability, do not have any choice but to enroll their children in government schools. 

Basic Knowledge And Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Formation, Stages, Multiple Births and Symptoms

Pregnancy is the state of being pregnant. This is the period by which an offspring develops in a woman which starts from the day of last menstrual period to childbirth. Pregnancy is also known as gestation or conception, a process by which the ovum is fertilized by the sperm to form zygote. During ovulation, matured eggs(ova) are released. When there is unprotected sexual intercourse in the ovulation period, the sperm cell swims up into the vagina of a woman and fertilizes the matured egg released by the ovary. The union of the sperm cell and the egg to form a zygote is known as fertilization. The fertilized egg then travels to the womb(uterus) through the fallopian tube(uterine) where further division of the egg cells occur to form a zygote.

Thanks Giving: A Key to the Miraculous : Luke 17:11-19.

Giving Tanks to God

What is Thanks Giving: 
This is the act of showing appreciation, gratitude for a kind act shown or benevolence shown. Thanks giving open ways  other blessings. It is a very good attribute to cultivate, whosoever has this attribute have the tendency of going far in life.
Looking at the passage (Luke 17:11-19), you will discover that out of the ten lepers that was healed only one of them came back to show gratitude which made his blessing whole and permanent. Do you have an act of gratitude? If not please cultivate it. 
Please Note: An ingrate may never be great. So be grateful.

War Against Examination Malpractice

Cheating during exam

Examination malpractice is no more news in our country. Students believe that their success is not possible without engaging in this act. This practice is found everywhere and in all institutions. Primary school pupils now look over their friend's shoulders to copy during examination. Secondary and Tertiary school students are experts in this area. There is always a means to cheat devised by student. The different forms of illegal actions during examination include bringing in micro chips into exam halls, writing answers on body parts, impersonation, asking friends for answers, extending the length of

How to Know if He is the One

How to Know He is the One

Many women  are in relationships and they really wish that the person they are dating is the one they will get married to. There is no girl that loves jumping from relationship to relationship. But the sad truth is not all men are husband materials. Some guys do not even feel the idea of marriage, but you are there busy hoping that one day you will get married to him and even though you see the signs, you will turn a blind eye to it and keep thinking that he will get better later. Many men, because of their nature are not always on the same page with their


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