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Forex Trading: Discovery Of New Way Of Financing

How to Trade Forex

Making ends meet require a lot of hard work, dedication, financial discipline and focus. In most establishments, the extra incomes they make before they receive their salary is called "Runs" if the  extra money you make quickly is from collecting bribes it is called “Egunje”(bribe). It goes a long way to help people who make such because they can use it to cater for other bills. But do you know you can make your own extra income (If you're not greedy), cater for other petty bills and gradually build yourself over the years into the world of financial freedom

Personal Mid-year Appraisal

Achieving My Goal

At the beginning  of the year , no matter how small it may look some of us made a new year resolution concerning what to drop, do, improve on and achieve for the year. How much of it have you and I been able to achieve? are you still planning and striving to achieve your purpose for the year ? or you have forgotten about them. This blog is written with a purpose to encourage us to continue to strive till we achieve our goal.  

What are your goals and how can you achieve your set goals for the year.

Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Have you ever noticed the good guy never gets the good girl? It is always that bad boy who is cocky, who does not care, who does not pampers girls, the player who chases after girls just to get into their pants and leave them after, the ones who have many girls flocking around them and treat girls like thrash that always gets the good girl. There are even guys who were good boys before but they just never got any girl, they were either called boring or “too nice” and ultimately they are being friend zoned. No man wants to be in the friend zone of a girl he likes and wants to have a relationship with.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Snooping in a Relationship

Why People Snoop On Their Partners

Snooping on one's partner is always a major issue in relationships. This can be done by checking your partners call logs and messages, stalking your partner especially on social networks(read more about networking here), checking their Facebook wall , time line or DM on twitter, checking their Instagram page for the posts they like and

Advantages of Private Schools Over Public Schools

Advantages of Private Schools Over Public Schools

Parents find it hard to decide on which school to enroll their children. They find themselves in a dilemma of choosing the best school for their children; they do not know which is better and the one that will make aid the academic performance of their wards. There are certain factors to consider when deciding which is better, such as the class sizes in the schools, academic quality, the availability of experienced teachers, discipline and extra-curricular activities. These factors are put into consideration when choosing schools for wards. Due to the poor education standard in Nigeria, some parents prefer the private schools to public schools. On the other hand, some parents, because of financial incapability, do not have any choice but to enroll their children in government schools. 


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