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Thanks Giving: A Key to the Miraculous : Luke 17:11-19.

Giving Tanks to God

What is Thanks Giving: 
This is the act of showing appreciation, gratitude for a kind act shown or benevolence shown. Thanks giving open ways  other blessings. It is a very good attribute to cultivate, whosoever has this attribute have the tendency of going far in life.
Looking at the passage (Luke 17:11-19), you will discover that out of the ten lepers that was healed only one of them came back to show gratitude which made his blessing whole and permanent. Do you have an act of gratitude? If not please cultivate it. 
Please Note: An ingrate may never be great. So be grateful.

Features That Ensures Safety in Cars

Features That Ensures Safety in Cars

A car is expected to have some features to enhance the safety of people which could be its owner, driver or passengers. These safety features reduce the risk to theft, accident, which could be fire or road accident. It can also reduce the fatality of accident when it occurs. Some important features include the seat belts, auto emergency braking, antilock braking system, brake assist system, fog lamps, airbags, daytime running light, pre-cash safety system, adjustable steering column, head restraints, reversing camera, lane keeping assist among others. The key ones are discussed in the following paragraphs.

All You Need To Know About The Aye-Aye

Important Features About The Aye-Aye Animal

The Aye aye is an animal of the family of lemurs that lives and is found in Madagascar. They are very active animals at night and are known to be the largest nocturnal primate. The animal is probably not well known because of the rate at which its population has decreased over time, making them to be classified as endangered species. At the onset of their discovery in their native habitats, it is known that the people would often kill them because they thought the animals carried some sought of very bad luck.

The Genesis of Ebola Virus In Africa

The Genesis of Ebola In Africa

Ebola virus disease is a disease of humans and other non-human primates which is caused by Ebola virus. It is a deadly disease which has claimed many lives since its first outbreak. The first case of Ebola in Africa was recorded in 1976 with the outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly called Zaire) and Sudan. Ebola got his name from Ebola River, due to the outbreak that occurred in that area.

Common Menstrual Disorders: Causes and Solutions

Common Menstrual Disorders: Causes and Solutions

Menstruation, also known as menses or period is the monthly flow of blood from the vagina. Normally, menstruation occurs in puberty and ends later in life, averagely between the ages 45 and 60. Menstruation disorders are the abnormalities in the monthly flow of blood in a woman. Naturally, menstruation tends to be irregular at the beginning (menarche) and the end of menstruation (menopause). Irregularities that set in apart from these two reasons range from the absence of blood to high flow of blood. Other disorders include the irregular flow of blood or a skip in period, the discharge of foul smell during the bleeding, intense and disturbing stomach ache or the interval bloodshed.

Popular Music Super Star Akon, Lights Up Africa

Akon Solar Panel Scheme

Born Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Pure Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam on April 16, 1973, Senegalese-American rapper, songwriter and producer popularly known as Akon is no stranger to the average lover of music. The multiple award-winning artiste has delighted music fans with his voice for years now in a career spanning a little over two decades. Now, he has decided to elicit joy across rural parts of Africa by providing them with solar-powered energy with his Akon Lighting Africa initiative.


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